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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Relentless"

Buck, buck, buck
(7thsign, 7thsign)
(Aww yeah aww yeah, awwwww yeah, once again, 7th sign regime)

^!$$% you cry

Uh huh, Uh huh, Uh huh. Uh Huh

Forever who did it, never regret it, were like get him, little repentive, they were left damaged, their was advantage, $#[email protected] the menace, remember who said it, baby I'm ready, ^!$$% we headed, still puttin down down with a seven, movin in heavenz movie, baby I let this, check out the reverend, steppin in big black boots. and who are you, we movin silence, ^!$$% tried, gettin your %#@! and cause a god damn riot! you don't want no violence, I ain't lyin just so pissed off! and all of ya'll on line, down for dyin? especially if it ain't my cause, four enemies in the sky, plottin on my demise, laughin when I'm out their blastin off hennessy thug for life, remember the ouija, she could'ntbelieve me, when she can see me, dreamin duckin them demons better believe it, believe me! thievin thuggin, strugglin in cleveland and broke even, put it all on little steven let that ^!$$% be the reason, little bit screamin wakin up out of cold sweat, I'm sleepin, hopefully haters didn't grieve him, but
If they did I wouldn't be breathin breathin

Uh huh, Uh huh, Uh huh. Uh Huh

Put up the order, ^!$$%s ain't tough cause they smokin water, believe me, so gimme, as we approach, ain't no breathin we see you weezin, ^!$$% but seein me, but $#[email protected] it I'm thuggish, I've been through rough, I don't even mention, see my uzi weights a ton so now you know what I'm (*##$in, jusk ask for some more. ain't no busta up in this mutha$#[email protected], or my hustle, ready to bust 'em, movin music thinkin my muscle, Hmm huh, so souljahs fry, get 'em and let's die, trust and it brought you luck, look into my eyes, never will I B-I, O-T-C maybe the B-I, double L, hey we lay low and roll away, but the popo, oh no, weary, here we come again, mash in the car, ring the alarm, the alarm, on the freeway, he said (yeah) they come, get em, nah got me schizophrenic, panic, when ^!$$%s manage, to $#[email protected] with the planet, can't understand me, left me stranded when I damaged, just a lost soul, and manic retribution come to the crossroads, let's handle it, (*##$ don't be scared, I'm which skids, and pistol gr
Ip and kill me, feel me, my brains fatigue, smokin weed, leavin bullets in the ceilin ceilin

Uh huh, Uh huh, Uh huh. Uh Huh

How do you know who alley vocals broke with the grand finally, one way down to cali that's before the death of daddy, I get out and goin to play with gun, riley you don't feel me though, political with these $#[email protected] residual, realest america-ca-ca-ca, oh no bet she in the war zone, $#[email protected] with the moms bone, tell them at the plasma, sell out (*##$! you can run up outta the stratosphere search this whole god damn atmosphere, atmosphere... put it on some %#@! that'll make you fasten yo key, hear me only scrap on some cherries, and them all thinkin I'm delray and I'm like what's happenin, draw the sawedoff, hit that (*##$ death and thought I was rappin,

Mad, thrown in the towel, then break, we beat you down, aarrggh! search for the rebel gimme my style, I die for the war right now, screamin shoot it ^!$$% do it for the lord, we only bow, fly my way through the crowd, with my ^!$$%s barkin loud, with the battle cry, buckin on, chuckin now, $#[email protected] them broads, stay calm. less stress is wussup? ! murderin me actin, blastin ^!$$% the 7th sign mashin, YEAH!
Uh huh, Uh huh, Uh huh. Uh Huh

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