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BIZZY BONE lyrics : "Money"

(feat. Twista)

[Bizzy Bone:]

I'm riding a caddy and daddy I'm rolling it sadly
But I don't mind, if they laughing at me
The movie I hardly think that they be singing singing

I never gave up on my lady, but she still ain't listening to me
Gotta let them 24's spin, chins ain't chipping or flipping
And let me get another victim again...gain-gain-gain-gain

And whether they don't gimme any hen or befriend them
When they said I was, but I been right here, cuz
You know what it is, you know what it was

So they wanna move dude, Watchu gotta do, who
Not me...
I said I'm glossin', and who you thought of flossin' baby

Baby, I'm not Pac though...And I'm not God, no...
But I float like a butterfly, sting like a...(bee)...
Mo Money, money, money, money, money, money

In the face of the crowd
Plottin' and now, I don't need no pride to hide
Oh wow, oh wow...

Mo money, money in the face of the crowd
Plottin' now, I don't need no pride to hide
Oh wow...But baby I'm not Pac, No!...(BUCK, BUCK...)

Ya now out by the windy city south park

No cookin' in the kitchen, homie we put out raw
Midwest outlaw...$#[email protected] with it? I doubt ya'll
Somewhere between Chi-town and Cleveland is where they found ya'll

Rolling through the alley in a caddy...
Throw my cali's at the hataz...O with a P
When they hit a ^!$$% grizzle rocking city after city...

They gon' ask, ?Is he doing it with Bizzy??
And you know I ain't done now (Why?)
Cause we 2 of the coldest mutha$#[email protected]

To spit these fast lyrics on one track
Buck 'em with a lyrical bullet in the body...
Because I gotta get this fire to know %#@! don't stop

Pull up in a Lamborghini or the Ferrari...
Other one gotta get the props, so I gotta get the drop
Gotta get the doe and get the money, money

I could really feel it when I hear they coming for me
Try to get it if you think you feeling kinda lucky
Twin Glocks...so you know you better bring a buddy

And I got the ammunition for anybody...
That wanna go against the Midwest Militia
A whole crippled the competition for Bizzy

A whole crippled the competition for Twista
A whole crippled the world because it's us against it...
And the %#@! about the get ugly

The static come and hit em with the automatic...
Running through borough after murder but I'ma go and so I gotta get

Me and my brother Twista getting it crunk
And drinking that goosey, with 'em a brew

Doing whatever we want to do
Get to the club, ain't nobody knew
Thought that we beefing, they try to divide the truth

Talk about who really started the style
How bout everyone living in harmony...
Look at the army, now

General 7, the belly is purest and we wanna get it...
At heaven, we dancing our way to the gates
If you coming we'll need every Muslim

We human, we're all in the brethren
Veteran deep in the city I pity the fool...
Who jump out of this fake

What do I look like massaging the thought
When they come with the matrix and say that we 'fraid
We'll never break...

'Member that conny and Twista
We're gonna go through the fire, never expire
Give it the way that they want it...

The fun of for you if you tired (What about...)
Money, you tell me what's money to you
Pay for the rappers and corporates...
The office that burn wood, but the burn good
And the brain wave...Puts the energy, certainly

I don't have time for emergencies, baby the word...
And we walk with the covenant
Party and popping the melody...
Baby, I know that the ladies be loving it
Brush the dust (in the) enemies way, get 'em a drink

We look too lovely, the spirit is present
And never be hesitant, Twista and Bizzy
We getting this money, Nukka

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