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BIRDMAN : Work lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Work"

Throw the U up n-gga
Uptown, you understand me homie

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
I got work in the bedroom

Work in the bathroom
Work in the kitchen
I work in the kitchen

Work in the bedroom
Work in the bathroom
Work in the kitchen

I work in the kitchen


That's how we got it
How it came out the game homie
From a bucket to a muthaf-cking range on em

From nothing to doing big big things homie
From a quarter key to move a whole thing on em
From the pot got some jewels with some ice on it

Popping wheelies on the leather switching lanes on it
From a block to an island with my name on it
To no b-tches got bad b-tches swinging on it

Pull up in smething new n-gga with the tags on em
Ain't nothing changed homie rolling with the Mack on em
In all red n-gga loaded with the package on em

We keep an extra clip riding when we macking on em
We pitching birds n-gga, gettin it in, we stacking on em
We know the word getting ya money, keep stacking on em

We laying low n-gga, hard times gat gone[? ]
We off the block n-gga knowing they be coming home


[Verse 2: Birdman]

In hot kitchens, how more[? ] does n-gga hide holes
And hide your cash flow on the down low
And more dough n-gga, flipping [email protected]%!e is all we know

Gettin it how we get it n-gga
Grinding till we can no more
It's birdcall flipping chickens and they flying low

We grind for the shine homie cause that's all we know
We never fall we was taught by the old folks
Get it in there early out the kitchen from the hot stove

We stay fly stay gettin it on those 23's
Ask about me, all them n-ggas know about me
The hood mack came hard from the one three

To the three came home made it off a D
First million young n-gga like 15
Cause we was doing th whole quarter half's and whole keys[? ]

We stay fly ride fly on my city streets
Third War gangsta representing UPT


[Verse 3: Birdman]

We in this b-tch n-gga, fresh park, fresh car
Fresh money n-gga, fresh feelin' goin' far
Ain't nothing changed n-gga money ain't going hard

N-gga goin hard so that money keep coming hard
Them n-ggas starving so f-ck em we just go hard
In the [? ] we be moving like a movie star

Ain't nothing to think, we be blowing dank round the bar
Got to call [? ] spend fifty on a new car
Switchin my game on em

Doing new things on em
Buy more things on em
Get more things on em

Spend more change on em
Brand new Phantom homie
Brand new [? ] homie and ain't no getting on us


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