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BIRDMAN : Rich As Fuck lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Rich As Fuck"

(Verse 1: Lil Wayne)
Never talk to the cops, I dont speak pig latin
I turn the penny to a mother$#&@ing Janet Jackson

Tell the (*##$es that be hatin I ain't got no worries
I just wanna hit and run like I ain't got insurances
Ho whats yo name whats yo sign, Zodiac Killer

All rats gotta die, even Master Splinter
Yeah Murder 187
I be killing them (*##$es I hope all dogs go to heaven

And I got xanax, percocet, promethazine with codeine
Call me Mr Sandman, Im selling all these hoes dreams
Got a white girl with big [email protected]%$, flat $$# TV screen

I keep a bad (*##$ call me the BB King
You know I got that mouth out her, and put that (*##$ out like a house fire
I'm killing these hoes like Michael Myers, I eat that cat just like a lion

And I can't trust none of these ^!$$%s, can't trust none of these hoes
I see your girl when I want, I got that ho TiVo'd
Got a red $$# (*##$ with a red $$# #[email protected], ^!$$% try me, that a dead $$# #[email protected]

Cuz yall mother$#&@ers so blind to the fact, to tell you the truth I don't care who's looking
All I know is I love my (*##$, that #[email protected] feel just like heaven on earth
Six feet deep, dick shovel in dirt, R.I.P.-Rest in #[email protected]

Light that %#@! then pass that %#@!, we gon get so smoked out
And then I went got locked up, every night I dreamt I broke out
One Time for them #[email protected] ^!$$%s, that's that %#@! I dont like

We eating over here ^!$$%, $#&@ around and have food fight
And that's 2 Chainz..

(Hook x2: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne)
Look at you, now look at us
All my ^!$$%s look rich as $#&@

All my ^!$$%s live rich as $#&@
All my ^!$$%s look rich as $#&@

(Verse 2: Lil Wayne)
AK on my night stand, right next to the bible
But I swear with these 50 shots, I'll shoot it out with 5-0

Pockets gettin too fat, no weight watchers no lipo
Money talks, bull%#@! walks on a mother$#&@ing tight rope
And I make that #[email protected] tap out, I knock that #[email protected] out cold

^!$$% you get beat the crap out but that's just how the dice roll
These hoes want that hose pipe, so I give all these hoes pipe
She get on that dick and stay on, all night like porch lights

Lets do it, $#&@ talking, we out here we ballin
And I'm spraying that on these rusty ^!$$%s like WD-40
We $#&@ed up, we Truk'd up, no if ands or but $#&@s

(*##$ ^!$$%s go behind yo back like nun-chucks and that's $#&@ed up
But my hoes down, my cups up, my ^!$$%s down for whatever
These (*##$es think they're too fly well tell em hoes I pluck feathers

I'm Tunechi, Young Tunechi, I wear Trukfit $#&@ Gucci
She's blowing kisses at me with her #[email protected] lips, smooches
And that's 2 Chainz?

(Hook x2: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne)
Look at you, now look at us

All my ^!$$%s look rich as $#&@
All my ^!$$%s live rich as $#&@
All my ^!$$%s look rich as $#&@

And yo ^!$$% a ho

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