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BIRDMAN : Out The Pound lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Out The Pound"

[Hook: Birdman]
We got the diamond in the back (Yea)
Tinted rolled up (Yea)

Blowin' out the pound
In a brand new truck

Where ya at wit' it?
Let's go and get it
If you a real d-boy

Money over (*##$es

[Intro over the hook]

Yea, this one here for uptown
I know we lost a lot that we gon' never get back
All the time, but it's a must that we do this here homeboy

Yea, uptown already ^!$$%!

[Verse 1: Birdman]

Slap a (*##$ wit' a pound and a ki
Twenty of them thangs, ten on my street
Hundred at my crib, ten fo' a beat

Fifty on a Caddy wit' the swine suade seats
Twenty on a bike, third world peace
Two on the yaucht, million on the fleet

Fo' five fo' a pound of that leaf
A hundred dollaz for a chopper on the streets
We uptown, we gon' ride 'til we die ^!$$%

We stay fresh, get money stay fly ^!$$%
Ain't nuttin' changed I ride them skinny tires
Wit' the candy on the slab, on the buttons wit' them twenty-fives

From no money ^!$$%, now we talk Ca$h Money
From lil' money ^!$$%, now we talk big money
From no nothin' now we all sayin' somethin'

Mo' money ^!$$%, mo' money ^!$$%

[Hook - 2X]

[Verse 2: Birdman]
What it do H-Town?

Wha's up B-Town?
Wha's up A-T-L?

Hit the town in a Phantom and a G
Wit' two pounds, two broads and a suite
Two toned everything a ^!$$% see

Burnin' rubber in these mother$#&@in' streets
Made man, ol' head taught me
Like father, like son we a G

Sixty-four seventy-eight tiger seats
Ol' school drop tops on the beach
Birdman, we do this 'cuz we stunnas

Ain't nuttin' changed in them brand new Hummas
Hood rich, we do it fo' the numbas
Tha fo' fives and the tens and the hundreds

Two fifteen ^!$$% talkin' cash %#@!
Got a hundred from my (*##$ she a badd (*##$
Money won't change ^!$$% neva average

That's why I'm livin' this (*##$ so lavish

[Hook - 2X]

[Verse 3: Birdman]
Yea ^!$$%

We been blowin' out the pound all day hustlin'
Ya heard me?
And this is how we get down at the end of the night

After all that grindin'
I'm in the club, hoez showin' love

^!$$% know we got it, that's why they wanna plug
#[email protected] poppin' %#@!, like they wanna thug
Knowin' they ain't 'bout it and them clips gon' bust

I got stacks, that's jus' how it is
Boy Mack supa fly in a Coupe Deville
And got birds in the field

Grindin' all the time
Tryna get a mill'
Neighborhood superstar, third world gangsta
I put mines in, did a lil' more thinkin'
Shine in the summer

Minx in the winter
Ice year round
Twenty on the pinky
Damn my town
Went down sinkin'

Made my rounds
Bounced back bankin'
Neva fold
That's what make me
Make the money

Don't let it break ya

[Hook - 2X]


That's what it do ^!$$%
We better hustlaz than you ^!$$%
Money longer than yours lil' ^!$$%
Believe that
One hundred
Wha's up Weezy baby?

Them ^!$$%z can't see us man
We barely can see us, ya heard? [fades out]

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