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BIRDMAN : My Life lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "My Life"

I had pounds of !@%!e, I had money to blow,
I had a felon and chores, I had a fight in the court.
I had a war before, shawty calls before me,

My life, my life.
I got kids to feed, I got !@$@s to watch,
I need the money, I need to get off the block.

Well, surgeries and the gameless part
My life, my life.
I can cook it and cut it, I can bag it and move it,

I'm controlling the budget, got money to prove it,
Had a fall for the public, all the actors are doing it,
My life, my life.

Now, my name is Birdman, but they call me Buba
And appears that I know that I say that I love her
Get a picture of my balls, (*##$, wearing a rubber,

My life, my life.

Let me start and shine, let me bring your flow,

Let me ride without the low, always searching my car.
I just wanna chill, $#&@ (*##$es and play,
My life, my life.

Hold cry my world, give that baby and %#@!,
Gone to the people known they made that %#@!,
You just don't know what I go through in my life, my life.

I got problems and jags, got problems and vast,
Gotta pigeon our home, got that invest,
Got dolls and house, this cardiacs are vast,

My life, my life.
I got calls and draws with money to make,
I got the crown raw and the white gig

Got (*##$es and hoes, love platinum gold in my life, my life.

Beautiful baby, what's happening?

This ain't a turn, you heard me?
One of the richest you have fall
I didn't give it all, you heard me?

So running through cuts in hallways
Running through projects, busting hays,
Yeah, that's the thing, !@$@ turp,

Young and thugging, you heard me?
I know you gonna let me do what I do,
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful, you heard me?

Yeah, I'm on top now, !@$@,
Long living that thug life, you heard me?

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