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BIRDMAN : Head Busta lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Head Busta"

You know what I'm sayin'
You know what I be like
Sometimes I just have to be that

Better you than me ^!$$%
I would talk : what up K
$#&@ 'em

You heard me


Gone get you head busta $#&@in with the homies
$#&@in with my family ^!$$% knows you been so phones
Gone get you head busta $#&@in with my G's

$#&@in with my G's #[email protected] ^!$$%s gone bleed
^!$$% I'm a head busta yeah I'm a head busta
^!$$% bust ya head motha$#&@er I'm a head busta

Yeah I'm a head busta I straight head busta
Empty on these clips only (*##$ give you some head busta

[Verse 1:]
^!$$% mac in the 9 homey thats how I roll
Standin' on my throne ^!$$% I call it home

Champs for the sim homey that's what we use
Knock 'en but the shoes get them [email protected]#( ^!$$% blues
How price life get the whips and the jewels

Murder is a motha$#&@er last what we do
Go tem for stripes
Good with the two

Five star G
Never gone loose
On the other side it's just a up town thang

On another hit ^!$$% bring a repain
Hit it while them slipping
Get em while them dipping

Call em in your car and they know we straight flipping
Bouncin' with the chicks keep tha nine on the hip
Lil may ^!$$% and you know I run %#@!

Gotta get the money pain and the feuds
Pain what we ride pain make me do


[Verse 2:]

Ya understand me home'
And your love on these streets ^!$$%
I love it to hustle I love it to muscle

I love it to money
I know we gotta a lot of pain from these streets
It seems like there's no gang but

Money is the muscle on the streets but a dufle bag, garbage bag
Play with me ^!$$% I'ma bust yo $$#

Play with the family I won't see your whole family cry
Your whole family die and the ^!$$% and I wonder why
Ride for soldiers ride fo' hustlers ride for them real

^!$$%s with the muscle
Straight in the situation
^!$$%s got a problem homey

^!$$% bein' beefin' homey
^!$$%'s being creepin on
Late them up ^!$$% put 'em in a %#@! of bag

Put 'em in a body bag zip 'em with a toe tag
Sell 'em whole thang
Pull the champ for the tears

Pull the champ for the homies that's not here


[Verse 3:]
(Yeah believe that)

Fallin' ^!$$% 50 they came back with it
Give him all the game and he wouldn't go and get it
He gave the ^!$$% 20 another ^!$$% 10

And 5 came shot lil when he couldn't win
Lil when couldn't win cuz he $#&@in' with the homey
Against a lil ^!$$% and never been phoney

Callin' him in his whip now he couldn't slip
Callin' while he's slipping so you know he gotta flip
The other lil' ^!$$% gave him 20 as a pounce
Told him hold it down and he run up-town
He came back with it but he gave the ^!$$% 5

^!$$% play with 'em and you know the ^!$$% die
I gave the ^!$$% 2 hundred on them thangs
He brought it all back ^!$$% gave me all my chains
Brought 'em one back he play with the chains
^!$$% don't play so me made those haters swain


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