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BIRDMAN : Ghetto Life lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Ghetto Life"

(feat. 6 Shot, Bun B)


Yeah ^!$$% Fast Money, Cash Money
how we roll it out-is how we roll it in
know what I'm sayin ^!$$% feel me ^!$$%

we just hit a lick ^!$$%
gotta bout 50 more years ^!$$%
and I wanted to go $#&@ with a ^!$$%

who broke bread with us first ^!$$% so we flew to Houston ya holla!

[Bun B]

I jumped in the game with a 50 dollar sack
a heart full of hustle and my mind on stacks
I held my nuts in the game called crack

now I'm deep up in the streets and I ain't never lookin back
I gotta reputation I ain't gotta keep dealin it
a south ^!$$%....give a $#&@ if you ain't feelin it

UGK for life (*##$ an underground boss
disrespect and that's a line you don't really wanna cross (Fa Real)
quick on the trigger, pull a pistol out quick on a ^!$$%

one click blow the %#@! out a ^!$$% (BLOAH)
been bout a figure ain't stoppin till I see it
don't hate me hoe cause that's the way I gotta G it

P.A.T baby that's me baby...Free Pimp C and that's real OG baby
this dedicated to my ^!$$%z on lock
KS, Young Ryno, and the homie Lil'Block it don't stop

[Chorus x2: Bun B]
Take a walk through my ghetto life (ghetto life)

let me show you that my ghetto's shiest (ghetto's shiest)
drug deals, and young ^!$$%z gettin'killed
I ain't gotta tell you that my ghetto real

[6 Shot]
Uhhh look at here, uptown cut throat ^!$$%

any year crisp and clear ya hear me now
nothin nice break you off with a style Fuh real
!@%!e, dope, pills-it's no joke here

everybody strapped look at where I'm at (BLAT, BLAT)
^!$$% %#@!s so real it's no doubt about it
all cowards get killed

fa sheezy while I'm sneakin through them people
forty four bags and them people
in that M-A-G-N-O dish it out or get from round L-I-A uptown

know ya down all that drama (???)
thuggin with a heavy (??)shinin on them hoes ya know
it's so real it's no doubt about it

all cowards get killed ya know


Look you know them guns go to poppin

when them ^!$$%z go to drop e'm
make e'm all run go to scatter ^!$$%
cause when you $#&@in with the man

he'll spend a few grands cause you know we puttin change on ya
yeah cause we thugged out, wigged out
came through the neighborhood with the guns out

^!$$% don't make me drop the top
don't give a $#&@ about the weather cause we still gon'shine ^!$$%
yeah and that was changeable evidence homie

that's why they let Rufus go
and we was playin with paper ^!$$%-and dropped 50 on the flo'^!$$%
so I spread my wings out came through the nieghborhood with the L's out

^!$$% and I'm tryin to get out
the dope game but I still let them birds out


[Birdman ad libs to end]

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