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BIRDMAN : Don't Die lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Don't Die"

Check me out man..Yeah

[Lil Wayne]
Original gangsta, black clothes and bangers
Bullet shells and chambers, fill the L's up

We stay low from the ranges cause they tryin to tame us, but we brainless
And just think, I'm one sell out record away from being famous
%#@! I guess I ain't it

You could paint it how you may, but I remain this gangsta 'til the day I lay
where the worms stay
I spit it for my ^!$$%'s sake

I spit it for myself a long time ago
Got a few houses, few whips, few condos
I'm so straight I'm pointin

The game is hurtin, and baby boy the ointment
Baby boy the president now
%#@! you gotta make an appointment

Two record labels
You should come join 'em
Do check the label

And make sure it's yellow or rose 'fore you bring it to my table

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]

Gansta's don't die, they get chubby and they move to Miami, I move to Miami
I'm banned from Wet Willies, but a ^!$$% like $#&@ it
I'm still a G, thuggin out in public, believe it

Gansta's don't die, they get chubby and they move to Miami, I move to Miami
I'm banned from Wet Willies, but a ^!$$% like $#&@ it
I'm still a G, thuggin out in public, straight up


^!$$% playin, doing about 180
Mazeratti, matchin drop top sun shade
Gotta be fly, P1 ^!$$%, spent about five on a condo high in the sky

G4 whenever, fly in any weather
Had to pop a few [email protected]#( that was bad feathers
Million on the floor

Thats fo' sho' that lil' homie got the flow, so we all just goin flow
And don't think about the past
A little water came, now we floatin on everything

^!$$%z doing about anything, killin while they hustlin
^!$$%z puttin it in for the change
So we headed to the game, Culpepper gettin his roll on

I'm on the side with that bling
And outside, got them thangs
Them Phantoms out there, we do it up, switchin lanes


[Lil Wayne]
Naw, don't $#&@ with that dogg
Yo, I'm gonna knock your $#&@in head off

And I'm coming back hard
Stunner get me to work, and I'm runnin that off
I'm comin back with it, and let my team split it

With a swagger you can't get, naw you can't get it
%#@!, (*##$ I pop like Diddy, I pop like when he goin stop? When it's empty
And you still drawing Leonardo D'Vinci

Trap me, I'm in there early, gettin money ridin dirty

Uptown puttin in down blowin out the pound
Duffle bag full of cash when I come around
The lil' homie got the game so I put him down

Hold my town, world wide wearin a crown
Like father like son, got it off the mound
Like father like son, ^!$$%'s stand their grounds

Like father like son, ^!$$% $#&@ them clowns


[Birdman (over chorus)]
Yeah ^!$$%,

I know y'all hear some more %#@! about me and my little young ^!$$%
You know, they mouth like they $$#
Anything will come outta that mother$#&@er ya' heard me
Big shouts to all them cities who opened your arms to us ^!$$%

And let us through that mother$#&@er, ya' heard me
Cause that water ran us out that mother$#&@er, but we did bounce back
Believe that 305, 404, 713, all that, Dallas, Kansas
Everybody ya' heard me, Oklahoma, yeah, everybody, the whole world

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