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BIRDMAN : Da Streets lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Da Streets"

I know I might say YMCMB a lot
It's cuz I love my squad

Shout to that we the base music
Play to Ace Hood
Guess what, YMCMB

Ok now God that's above, the only man who can judge

Flip a brick to a Benz, never reveal who the plug
Over money I know some youngins who turn on they blood
Them ^!$$%s (*##$es just digging (*##$es, that's rule number 1

I ain't never gonna turn on my ^!$$%s, I put that %#@! on my sister
Keep that ho in that ride, and I'm talkin about my lil pistol
That's cause streets hella cold, most of my friends turned to foes

Some of these ^!$$%s are (*##$es, most of these women be hoes
But I just stay on my grizzle, $#&@ we get money ^!$$%s
Most these [email protected]#( just talk it, I really know me some killas

Don't even go there, don't even go there
Know some my ^!$$%s late but felons boy don't make me go there
I halla $#&@ a man, that #[email protected] should you stand for

These people hate that I done made it, what you mad fo?
I'm doin me, my true jeans is for the cash flow
And that real ^!$$% %#@! the only thing I stand on

I'm out of my mind, I'm going too hard it on the dash board
My whips are foreign, it's a must I keep my passport
My choppa gold, I mean that Trinidad James ho

In 20 Jesus pieces, bury me with chains on
#[email protected]!

Shout to that boy stunna
Shout to that boy George Dukes

Shout to my ^!$$% Wayne
Mack Maine I see you

Ok now 2 Jesus pieces, runnin these streets on my loafers
Every day I'mma hustle, I gotta meet my new quota

Rest in peace all my ^!$$%s, I'm tryna find me some closure
^!$$%s ain't who they say they are, it's bout time I expose em
Fresh and I'm in that new Lotus, about to flake like a goalie

Killin these ^!$$%s I promise, just wanted to send my condolence
Better know we ouchea, yea boy we ouchea
And it ain't no lines and no new couches, I'm paper countin

Them cowards pilin, take a trip overseas then come back and buy me a Beamer
Tippin toe on my 40's, that's a new ballerina
Only eat up the #[email protected] if it smell Aqua Fina

Came from %#@! in a trunk, that just might clear out arenas
I'm talkin Starvation 2, the beast is back in the booth
I got that %#@! off the muscle, I'm only preachin the truth

I fay the Lord every morning, I'm not that boy on the corner
Got a crib big as Walmart and ho I'm the owner

Toe tag ^!$$%
Ace Hood

Trials And Tribulations the new album 2013 ^!$$%
We the hottest, we the bidness ^!$$%
We the ^!$$%s, you feel me?

We got too much money to be $#&@in around wit yall ^!$$%s
We the best
See sometimes you gotta understand

We don't personally have to come see you
$#&@ it, we will have somebody personally to come see you

Rich Gang

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