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BIRDMAN : Ain't Worried Bout Shit lyrics

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BIRDMAN lyrics : "Ain't Worried Bout Shit"

[Lil' Wayne]
Ha.. I'm.. so cool

Yeah ^!$$%, stand one, blow one ^!$$%

Bird.. man

I promise you, we gon' give 'em what they want 'til they come get us ^!$$%

Bird.. man, J-R, ya know

You feel me?
When gon' chase it 'til we can't chase it no more

So y'all might as well eat this food ^!$$%
And it got to be the best of the best
One, come one shorty, get with me ^!$$%

[Lil' Wayne]
See I, ride when I gotta, grind cuz I gotta

Milk this game 'til it's sour
Why I gotta do the backstreets when it's hotter
Even though the boy smooth sellin' like Prada, speak up

The tool yellin' like, holla, y'heard me?
Got the fools bailin' like Jackie, Kersee
You try join him, I can help you with that

I'm important in rap but I'm special with gats
You know the young god bless you in fact, like you sneezed or somethin'
Even with a stack of money in they hand, they ain't squeezin' nothin'

I'm Weezy $#&@ it
Leave a mother$#&@er wheezin' when I asthma pump him, yeah
And I don't ask for nothin' boy, I only ask them buggy boy

And as for money, watch the young god turn cash to money
Cuz that's him

[Chorus 2x: Lil' Wayne]
Yea, and we ain't stressin' 'bout %#@!
We grindin' like a mo'$#&@er tryin' stay rich

The cops on my trail so my track I switch
See ^!$$%z with money shouldn't act like this

Yeah, pimpin', there's some fraud 'round here
^!$$% better stop hatin' before they disappear

I see the same ol' %#@!
and pop the same ol' %#@! 'til your neighborhood hit, (*##$
Disrespect that Nolia dogg

Them third world Hot Boy soldiers dogg
And make a ^!$$% understand
when you $#&@in' with a soldier with the grandmaster plan ^!$$%

I'm tryin' to make a few million
buy a few buildings, one day stop dealin'
And go and raise my children

Got it on my mind, that's the way a ^!$$% livin'
I bring ya back '84
Dope game jumpin' when the water hit the flo' ^!$$%

Cuz we was doin' it dogg
Everybody gettin' money, we was doin' it dogg


[Lil' Wayne]

Weezy, and I ride to the end of the road
and I'm hotter than a fire on the end of the fo'
and plenty times I had to get it from the flo'

But I made it to the ceilin' and every wall could hear me
And if these walls could talk, they probably cry
Like the strings on the guitar

And see you, you with that bull%#@! that's leighway to the do'
Only to cut off the lights, g'night

Look, it's Sunday, we in the hood gettin' our groove on
Every ^!$$% uptown gotta have they tool on
Yeah, and they Birdman'd down
^!$$% represent the bling cuz I hold my own crown ^!$$%

%#@!, a hood rich high clique
That come from the slums where they pack extra clips, I love 'em ^!$$%
the only way that we know is how to flip and rescore 'em
and go and get some more dough, ^!$$%


Yeah, this grindin' to another linin' ^!$$%
Know what I'm sayin'?

If you in the way, you'll get moved over ^!$$%
Think I'ma let one of you (*##$ ^!$$%z stop me from gettin' a billion dollars ^!$$%?
$#&@ ya and what ya made of ^!$$%
Y'understand? ^!$$% got a problem with this %#@!
That's your %#@! ^!$$%

Suck a ^!$$% dick a die ^!$$%
Birdman, made man ^!$$%
Yeah, that's how it's goin' diggity ^!$$%
$#&@ anything in between
If you in the line of duty ^!$$% you got your issue, feel me?

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