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BILLY JOEL : Careless Talk lyrics

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BILLY JOEL lyrics : "Careless Talk"

Careless talk
That's what you heard about me
Jealous talk

That's what I heard about you
Everybody's telling lies
I don't even know why

Why can't people
Find something better to do

Careless talk
I don't believe what they say
I heard them talk

They say you've been putting me down

In the shadows on the phone

They won't leave us alone
They've been talking
Ever since you came around

Careless talk
Telling you I'm doing wrong

Jealous talk
Follows wherever you go

I'm aware of what you heard
Every terrible word
Everybody's making believe that they know

All of the intimate things
That we might have said

In the heat of a passionate moment
In a conversation shared
For the ears of nobody else

There are some things they will never hear
There are secrets I'll never tell
Careless talk

Going around on the street
Jealous talk
I know how bad it can be

Let them stand where they fall
They don't know us at all

All that talking won't make a difference to me

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