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Billy Currington : Walk On lyrics

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Billy Currington lyrics : "Walk On"

You're the sweetest thing i know
You dim the rainbow's glow
There's no power on this earth

To seperate us, baby

You are my sunshine

You are mine, all mine

When it rains on my parade

You were there to light the way
You're rare as a rose in winter
You're more, more then i deserve

You are my sunshine
You brighten up my darkest day

You are mine, all mine
Baby, it's you

Words like darling
Sweetheart, forever
Girl, it's you i'll always adore

They only say i love you
But you mean so much more

Cause you are my sunshine
You're my sunshine, sunshine
Baby, baby, you are mine

You're mine, all mine

Hey, you, you are

You're my sunshine
Sunshine, sunshine

And you're everything to me
You're mine, all mine
I gotta love you sweety

Honey, baby

You are, you are

You are my sunshine...

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