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Bikey : AntiGravity lyrics

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Bikey lyrics : "AntiGravity"

[Intro Verse] (Dapper AJ)
I see a lot of faces
Love even hatred

I have a weak mind stuck chilling in the matrix
Me I can't have it
Trying to see the stratus with the mind of Einstein

And strength of Tony Atlas
Forever on a pace, strife for first place
On the star of higher aspirations I chase

I can and I will never stand still
Could be one of a mill and that's trill
Cos it reveals that

[Chorus] (Alyce)
You can't slow me down

I'll be flying through the sky
As I sail throughout the atmosphere
You can't hold me no

I'll be flying oooh so high
When I break through earth's gravity

[Second Verse](Dapper AJ)
I think I can (2ce)
So understand that giving up is not a part of the plan

So let that rattle around in your head
Yeah you heard what I said
And you can sleep or get rest when you dead

Crabs in a barrel wanna laugh at me
Even try to grab at me
But imma take off like the planet missing the gravity

Rolling around the atmosphere
Cos what matters here my mind goes
I'm the baddest here

And Imma never stop running
But shine like the sun and
So get off the tracks when you hear it the train coming

I'm bound to go far with these bars
Even shoot at the moon and if I miss I'll still chill with the stars
My ex-girl was even one of them crabs

In my back she stabbed
But yo it aint take me off o' the path
All of the negative folks I shook off

So it's about time that I put it on the line and took off

[Chorus] Alyce

[Third Verse] (Bikey)
Step aside and watch me as I enter

Flowing like lava coming through your center
Break it up and then I'll take it over
Flying through the sky like I'm going to Jehovah

Watch me defy gravity
Cause explosions in the air and a big calamity
As I fly through the sky and out the hemisphere

Sailing way through the clouds and the atmosphere. Yeah!

[Bridge] Alyce

I'll take you thereeee
I know you know
I'm gon make it there

Way past the hemisphere
I'll taaake you thereeeee
You'll see baby

We number one and we never gonna stop
[Chrous] Alyce

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