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BIGMACKB123 : Teach Me How To Graph (Cali Swag Parody) lyrics

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BIGMACKB123 lyrics : "Teach Me How To Graph (Cali Swag Parody)"

Out with a new algoRHYTHM
Teach me how to graph aye!

[Verse 1:]
They be like "Guys (what?)

Can u teach me how to graph?"
We just like
I'll teach you on his behalf

All I need is a pencil super sharpened
And for you, you, and you to math it up and sub it!
Write your axes out front, from side to side

They goin' be on you when they see you hit dat multiply
Nobody messin' wit my bro TI-85
He good with numbers and he hit dat graph wit thunder

I got some brackets and I plot those equations
This should be my job, I deserve a nomination
I solve da function and I finish with some checkin'

And once that stuff's done, I accomplish some correctin'
Everybody loves my graphin and they know they do
It's my life work written in this pencil hue

I make the contests shine bright when my pencils doin'
Dis graph was bubblegum so I had to chew it

Teach me how to graph
T-teach me how to graph

Teach me how to graph
T-teach me how to graph
All my ladies love it

All my, all my ladies love it
All my ladies love it
You aint messin wit my graphin'!

[Verse 2]
My name is Mack!

And for da dudes who just laugh
I know I am da best so I can teach you how to graph!
look at all these digits, solving's kinda tricky

don't worry bout it math friends, I'll make it real easy
First you start out fresh with your two unsolved equations
Next off your one variable needs isolatin'

Now you substitute that value into the other phrase
solve the variable from there and you will surely be amazed
Once that's done you solve the other variable too.

well-done! plot those numbers on that big graph
with all this fame we'll re-write the math constitution
and in that text we'll write how we just taught you substitution


[Verse 3]
The next type of solving that we know is elimination
It's our next teaching focus in this graphing operation

These two modes of solving start out very much alike
Though the process is unique like my talent on the mic
Just like the latter we have two unsolved equations

Now hold on everyone cuz we need yo participation
first you start up fresh by lining up yo separate lines
From there you multiply till two variables are equal (It's a sign!)

Once that's done subtract so those 2 numbers equal zero
Subtract the rest, simplify and solve the value (you're a hero!)
To end plug in the variable from the first equation

now simplify it down by means of isolation
and there you have it folks solving by elimination
we hope you enjoyed our rap and graph presentation!

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