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BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS : The Whatever Flow lyrics

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BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS lyrics : "The Whatever Flow"

Wide awake and ashamed he collects his clothes. heads for the doorway, you can tell she wanted more. he's not what she thinks he is but he'll play along, tonight is set for movie scripts. anytime now just don't ask how, I'll strike you with my perfect timing. now see the scenery, I bet it doesn't look as good as it does to me. throw your hands up, your futility is rubbing off, to tell the truth well it's something I don't need. and all this grief was thanks to you. I'm a fly on the wall, I see everything. you know, I don't mean to make this a scene, but hey you just don't see the way I see and the way it seems. well hell, you can't tell and you never will. your count to three took far more than it should be; it's not what you'd expect, and I'm not what you'd expect. oh so cavalier, she makes her move, and stops at nothing not even for you. sorry, but we're closed for the moment, we've out done ourselves, and we gotta stop getting caught in reckless sentences we tend to spit out. I'm shifting, I'm shaking, I'm yours for the taking, I'm so good at faking, I'm a star in the making now. we just need some air.

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