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BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS lyrics : "See Shakey"

I guess today it's safe to say, I think I've seen everything. I've felt the sweetest touch anyone could offer, heard the saddest song anyone could write her. and it's oh so contemptible, it's not the prettiest thing to sleep on. when it gets to your health you have remorse for yourself, I think it's time to consider a change. have I taken a turn for the very worst? have I lost my sense of direction? I guess today it's safe to say, I can't compare to the rest of them. I've got my head crammed up to the brim, with all your useless, pointless observations. I've been feasting on your clever lines long enough, to know you put this bad taste right in my mouth, and I've got this on the line. I've got this car and it's affordable, a TV in my room with %#@!ty cable, but at least I got these late night movies, oh they're the best and the only thing I'll get this week. that's one for the home team, and there's no way in hell we're still keeping the score

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