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BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS : One In Five People lyrics

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BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS lyrics : "One In Five People"

It's so strange to see how naturally it came to me. from all those years of holding back, settle yourself down and hear the facts. are we too late for the dance craze? stop, and let's retrace. now everyone's tapping their shoes, like they've got something to prove. the mood was set, let me take a guess, nobody bothered to move. I've seen my share of all these types like you, I've done so many things to help me prove that I'll be the one to pick up and drop you. everyone works for the greater good, should I keep my head down and do as I should? become one of them, heart as hard as wood. I'll take a risk at my own cost, this is where you back off. so take your collection of questions and reasons why you're asking them, I swear to god I'm not dazed, just screwed in subtle ways. so keep it up, lock it up, either way you're $#&@ed! take a look at the days you've spent, making friends, changing them. have you ever thought about; I'd like to live without a doubt. all my anchors are down now, all my anchors are down

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