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BIGGA : My Dear People lyrics

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BIGGA lyrics : "My Dear People"

Verse 1:
Dear Selma,

I want you to know ...
while you were alive, it felt so great and gold
now there's a hole in my soul, a hole in my heart, (I still keep it)

'cause you have left this world without saying 'Goodbye'...

Words are not enough to explain how it felt to know

that you have gone to heaven, left us alone
and so cold to see how this world can be cruel and mean
when you least expect it, when you don't wanna leave...

Bet you didn't wanna leave, but I guess God did
the saying goes 'You must go, so we could still live'

well, I bet most of us would've gone for you to still live,
breathe and be present in this city of sin... (whoah)

Now there's nothing but old memories you've fit
into my mind, just to memorize every single time I saw you
and lived for you - that was the time

when love decided for you, I'm glad I've known you! (listen)

Your first kiss was my first kiss

well, if it isn't a kiss that makes you wanna fall in love with a chick?!? (huh?)
You were my first girl, my first love
my first golden medal I've put and saved around my broken heart...

It still hangs there like a Jesus on a wooden cross
so your soul could cross over freely to the Lord

this was His wish, definitely not mine
because I still cherish the time when you were around in my life (let's go)

I still see you on that river coast, playing around
waiting for me to kiss you and bring love back around
I still wanna see you, be with you, play with you, breathe with you (I swear)

if there was one thing I could do, then I would leave with you (listen)

It all just makes sense, you're still alive in my mind

you're present in front of me, (uh) all the time
my guardian angel, my lucky charm
my first and last real love, my Eve, (hear this) my lil madamme,

So I hang out with your lil' brother, spend some time with 'em
talk to him and play to see if I can just find only one part of You inside him (yeah)

'cause I just can't live when you're not here
I gotta keep you alive inside me!

Looking up while feeling down
Love is lost, it won't be found

Tell me, God, will I get to be around for the sequel...
And get to see my dear people? x2

Don't take away my dear people x3

Pay attention...

Verse 2:
Dear Grandpa,

I remember when I was lil' kid
only twelve years old, it's you who kept me outta bad things

then, when I didn't know how to think
how to distinguish good from bad, and gold from sh**

When my puberty was just starting, (arrgh)
when the monster inside me woke up 'til you killed it inside me (yeah)
you saw, you kept, you've taken care of what's inside me

I didn't know it back then, but it was something worth dying for (true story)

It wasn't 'til I was sixteen, my grandpa had died long ago (no)

still I wanted to know what was so
especially important 'bout me
I didn't know 'til my father told me it was me

It was the good spirit inside me
my grandpa knew I was filled with good things
so I kept doing good just to find the good to pass on to my kids
you still wonder why I wander from bad, why don't I drink?!? (listen to this)

Why don't I smoke anything like it's gon' kill me...
don't curse and make a point, and you still feel me? (whoah)
I made a promise to my grandfather only
cuz if I wasn't, the memory on him would destroy me (let's go)

and I still remember the days when he took me to cornfields
across some seven molehills, to the land of the gold dreams, (what?)
where you could find the most things
a child would ever wish for to see in a daze, (keep going)

But when I go to those cornfields today
I see that something has gone away (what?) - something valuable
something that I'll cherish for so long
that'll stay in my soul, in my brain (forever) ... for eternities away

It's my GrandDad, I'll always love him
no matter whether he's six feet under or six years above me (listen)
it's forever and ever, our souls will stay together
even on the day that I die, you will still have this letter... uh

Looking up while feeling down
Love is lost, it won't be found
Tell me, God, will I get to be around for the sequel...
And get to see my dear people? x2

Don't take away my dear people


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