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BIG ZAC : Kinda Frustrated lyrics

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BIG ZAC lyrics : "Kinda Frustrated"

Kinda fustrated [x3]

$#&@ it I kick some doors
Kinda fustrated [x3]
$#&@ it I kick ["kick" fadin]

Kinda fustraded [x3]
$#&@ it [fadin]
Kinda fustraded [x3]

$#&@ it I kick some doors

[Verse 1:]

Kinda fustrated $#&@ it feelin like a mad man smoke a blunt for all da times I ain't never
Had nan
Keep it real with my fam promise that's for life boo ^!$$% why u over here don't nobody

Like u make a ^!$$% strike u bless a ^!$$% acooo u sneezin I sqeezin bet dat heater
Get him right fool keep it pimpin pimpin I'm just livin how my life do westside bread
Get some head every night too

[Verse 2:]
Look I'm kinda fustrated cause all these ^!$$%s hated on ^!$$%s from da hood cause

We bought dat money makin just watch the sutiation gone turn to somethin crazy
Cause all these ^!$$%s mad cause we $#&@ed they old lady I been smokin out here

Tryin to ease my mind I'm kinda fustrated so it's time to use the nine stop playin with me
Boy cause I been smokin on dat pine and if u try to stop my shine then u diein


[Verse 3:]

Kinda fustrated off that he say and she say but I say now today now $#&@ all that
(*##$ play them ak's is gone spray if u run in my face it's sunday so all red with dark
Locs on my face

It's my time it's our time let's get it we gon shine L town my city and dats where it go
Down dubs up with m's down L's up with guns down laurel we gon clown turn smiles
Into frowns

[Verse 4:]
^!$$% I'm fustrated and pissed off all in the same breath dats why I'm sqeezin on dis

380 till it ain't nothin left no bullets nobody else nobody but me B.I.G Z.A to the
Mutha $#&@a C
Ya'll ^!$$%s better respect it or check I'll come through this (*##$ and snacth your

Necklace I'll leave u ^!$$%s breathless I got these hoes in check it
They shake it and shake it police askin us bought this money I'm money but I'm


[Verse 5:]

I'm kinda fustrated and I'm runnin out of patience too $#&@ a #[email protected] ^!$$% I'm just tryin
To get this paper fool westside money makin ya lil milk on the grind best thang
Smokin with me so u kno I got dat pine

Talkin all dat stupid %#@! will get u ^!$$%s head blown ^!$$%s hatin on me cause I got
They hoes head get yo mind right I ain't the one u wanna play man got me bout to
Mask up and do wat da song say man

[Verse 6:]
These ^!$$%s always hatin and I'm kinda fustrated they see me gettin money and

These ^!$$%s wanna take it my ninnas always with me so that hatin u can save it
Run up on me wrong leave your body on the pavement
Gettin money is only thing really on my mind and I ain't worried bout these hoes cause

They always lyin smoke big blunts all the $#&@in time and if u see me with dat hen
Then u already kno I'mmmmmm


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