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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Stun'n"

^!$$%, now since my career be on shine
These haters be packin' they nine

But look ^!$$%, I'm down for mine
Tryin' to catch me at the red light gettin' my shine
But I use my niner to protect me at all time

I just bought that new Lexus
1998 the bubble eye ^!$$% with them 19 inches
See I'ma talk about my Hummer at the end of my rhyme

I just bought that new Range Rover with them 6 new ties
And every hoe I know, I done $#&@ed at least one time
Now playboy, tell me, how you luv that?

[Verse 2]
Last night I got a call on my phone

Ike Turner wanna make a "gangsta-slap-a-(*##$-pimp" song
He said, "I called you man, cause you the realest
(*##$es runnin' round town sayin' how they love Willis"

Have hoes to suck toes and wash clothes
^!$$%s tryin' to fit ya like a pair of Girbauds
(*##$es in the morn' to brush my teeth

Lil' girls with curls love to wipe my feet
BLING! Diamonds glistenin' everywhere
It's alright for that girl to look at me, y'all let her stare

Baby, I know I'm gorgeous, cause I'm the largest
Jet skis and M3's in my garag-es

I bought a Hummer that's sittin' on 32's
$#&@ stun'n, we givin' these hoes the blues

Fresh got a Bourbon that's sittin' on 20's, fool
Wood grain, T.V.'s and it's all cool [5x]

[Verse 3]
Now ^!$$%, tell me how you can beat this
A million dollar worth of cars all on chrome, can you defeat

With all new homes, 8 of them
The Hot Boy$ new album, Get It How You Live!!, done jumped off

I spent 2 million buildin' my own home
With a million dollar worth of furniture all on wood grain,

See ^!$$%, I ain't gotta stunt cause I can bag'em up, Believe

Ask the police at Eastover, "Has he seen this?"
^!$$% with diamonds and gold, all across the T-O-P
And every hoe in my path done seen that I done $#&@ed for

The #~!!@, I like to $#&@ it until it bleed
Cause I aim to succeed to be a top rank in this industry

And my Humvee
Playboy, I got so much wood in that mother$#&@er it need ot be a
coffin seat

For 4 brand new T.V.'s with VCR
The Big Tymer, it come on tomorrow
Ridin' on 32's and you cain't miss these G's

All on chrome from the mother$#&@in' U-P-T
When I get my big baller party
Player, I'ma let all my dicksuckers get in free

You can believe that


[Verse 4]
Do you remember that day on the lake?

Hummer came throught like a mother$#&@in' earthquake
^!$$%s tellin' (*##$es, "What the $#&@ is that?"
(*##$es tellin' ^!$$%s, "I told ya they be back."

In '98, I bought the Viper white,red, and stripe-ah
20 inch rims with the chrome dual piper
15 on my wrist, the lord can kiss

Where the diamonds don't shine, ^!$$%s make hips
Wildlife gator fits, now that's the %#@!
Bourbon and Suburban with the wood grain kits

See ya (*##$, I'ma stick her, Mike couldn't dick her
The way I'ma do her, screw her, then I'm gon' flip her

[Chorus then talk til the end]

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