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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Stun'n (Remix)"

"Stun'n (Remix)"(feat. Lil' Wayne, PapaRue)


Now since my gear be on shine
These haters be packin' dey nine
But look playa I'm down for mine

Try'n to catch me at the red light gettin my shine
But I use my nina to protect me at all times
I just bought that new lexus, that 1998

The bubble lights boy wit' them 19 inches
See I'ma talk about my Humvee at the end of my rhyme
I just bought that new Range Rover wit' them six new tires

Now every broad I know I done sexed at least one time
Now playboy, tell me how you love that

[Mannie Fresh]
Last night, i got a call on my phone
Ike Turner wanna make a "gangsta slap-a-broad" pimp song

He said "I called you man cause you the realest"
Lay it down, lay it down, cause these broads love Willis
Have "woes' that suck toes and wash clothes

Playas try to fit ya like a pair of Girbauds
Girls in the morn'n to brush my teeth
Lil' girls wit curls love to wipe my feet

BLING, diamonds glistenin' everywhere
It's allright for that girl look at me, y'all let her stare
Baby, I know I'm gorgeous, cause I'm the largest

Jet skiis and M3's in my garag-es

[Chorus: PapaRue]

I bought a Hummer that's sittin' on 32's
We love stun'n and givin' these broads the blues
Fresh got a Burban that's sittin' on 20's fool

Woodgrain, TV's and it's all cool [2x]


Now playa, tell me how you can beat this
A million dollars worth of cars all on chrome, can you defeat

Wit all new homes, 8 of 'em
The Hot Boy$ new album, Guerilla Warfare and it jumped of

I spent 2 million buildin' my own home, wit a million dollars
worth of furniture
All on wood grain homie

See playa, I ain't gotta stunt cause I can bag 'em up, believe
Ask the police at Eastover has he seen this

Playa, wit diamonds and gold across the T-O-P
And every broad in my passenger seat I done sexed fo' free
These broads, I love to sex 'em til they see

That I aim to succeed to be a top rank in this industry
And my Humvee, playboy, I got so much wood in this vehicle
You gotta see it, it should be a coffin seat

Wit four brand new TV's wit VCR
The Big Tymer$ new video gon' air on tomorrow
Ridin' on 32's and you can't miss these G's

All on chrome from the heart of the U.P.T.
When I get my big baller party
Playa, I'ma let all these tenderonies drink for free, Domm P.

And Cristal, you know how we play it boy when we comin' through
in that Humvee



Shooney nooney nowny no, shooney nooney nooney nowny no
Oh oh
Shooney nooney nowny no, come down, come down

[Lil Wayne]
Now, we be Big Tymers wit the diamonds sparklin'

Some of uptowns finest, we ballin'
I'm the smallest soldier in the click
but still ride bir ol' black on black trucks wit kits

See everybody get they shine on at 226
CMB, flash ya wrist and let ya diamonds glisten, remix
My boys poppin' champagne
Lil Wayne in the marrow wit the bubble frame
Uh-huh, we the ones wit the stretch Hummer

A helicopter, Benz, Burban, and a Lex bubble
I play the platinum Navigator when I ride
5 thousand dollar high sippin' Cristal
I got twenty on my finger, look it's all gravy
They say it's all about Fresh and all about Baby

Big Tymers, boy you know how we play
Worth about a hundred mill on a bad day
We love STUN'N


Shooney nooney nowny no, shooney nooney nooney nowny no
Oh oh [2x]

Cash Money, fo' you and ju
PapaRue, fo and ju

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