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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Snake"

Wha Wha Wha

[Mannie Fresh]

You a one man (*##$
Go ahead and make that switch
I got to love my %#@!

You hoes man got that itch
Move up too number two (*##$
Suck a rich ^!$$%s dick

If you like it than lick it
If you love it dont quit
Yo I bet it tastes better

Let me splash on your sweater
You need a ^!$$% that let a
Shed um out with the bezzele

I'm talkin the Sean Jean
Yo Teresa and Shirley
Say...all ya'll hoes come down

To the big dick party
Say...Lisa Slim
Little pretty $$# Kim

Im hollerin at you you you
That (*##$ and them
I've been takin ginseng

Swing a big ding-a-ling
I've gotta medalian for my dick
Cause my dick bling bling

I heard you suck a beach ball
through a hose pipe
I heard you also eat nuts

till the early light
I heard you like to be tossed
flossed threw down and kicked

Well you $#&@in with the right ^!$$%
old couchie-ass (*##$

[Chorus 2x (Mannie Fresh)]
I know you wish you could find a
^!$$% with a dick like an Anaconda

I know you wish you could know a
^!$$% with a dick like a big Cobra

I know you wish you could go home
To a ^!$$% with a dick like a Python

I know you wish you could get a date
With a ^!$$% with a dick like a Rattlesnake

I got this (*##$ in the back of my ride

I ask this hoe when she want my suprise
A big dick like a cucumber in the eye
You know that hoe still took that prize

I asked her had she been $#&@ed inside of a Hummer
She say no...but I suck dick like a plummer
Draino swallowin everything I can fool

I like rockin ice and playin with these hoes
But sometimes these hoes will make punch um in they nose
Squirt um on they shirt cause she wouldnt swallow what I

Burst Curst the (*##$ out her teeth were in the way
Stupid (*##$ that bull%#@! hurts
I've been treatin' these hoes this way since the first

Slap on they $$#
Hit um from the back where it hurts
Putting in work I done done my dirt

Im a dogg $$# ^!$$%
Never put these hoes first

[Chorus 2x]

[Mannie Fresh]

See I like these hoes
Like these hoes then I leave them
Then let some old (*##$ made $$# ^!$$% retrieve um

I could turn a dike (*##$ back straight
Then worry these hoes till they lose hair, money, and weight
Say there Daddy
I'm comin to a neighborhood look near you
Y'all ^!$$%s lock up ya'll (*##$es, bras, and !@(&

Youngsters gonna suck my pickle till I'm old and wrinkled
I'm a go all till a a whole a ain't nothin' but a tinkle


Now some of these hoes like to be $#&@ed in the $$#
Some of these hoes wont let you touch they $$#
Some of these hoes like to be $#&@ed fast
Some of these hoes know they need to be treated bad
Some of these hoes need to be kicked in they $$#

Some of these hoes been gettin they old man stash
Some I play bad
$#&@ other ^!$$% hoes fast
And if your (*##$ holler
I put that dick on they $$#

9 times out of 10
She suck a dick when I blast
All because these hoes know I gotta gold and black Jag


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