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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Playboy (Don't Hate Me)"

[Lil' Wayne]
What, what what, what, huh
Huh, huh, Big Tymers, huh

Better act like you know it
I be comin wit' it
And you saw Wayne from a distance in the Expedition

I'm on chrome, 20 inches you know who I be
Oh yes, you know me
4 feet, millionaire, that's H-O-T

Whoa-ty, slow down, you might be a hater
Slippin' 'tal in your drawers, Hot Boy
Get up, Cardion, lobster regular

And you can call me on my cell-ular, what?
Celebrate and pop the Don P
Beep, that's me that drop the funk beat, uh uh

Me and Lil' Travis stun'n hard off 'less my daddy grab it
I got a Roley on my wrist with 10 karats
And I'ma shine but I'm still bout blastin', huh?

^!$$% rollin' short about paper
Bedroom, 2nd floor, in the 'vator
I'm a superstar (star), money makin' pimp

Up in the double R (R), just me and Slim
I'm getting cheesed by the milk stackin' cake, boy
Cash Money, how you luv that, playboy (playboy)?

Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beautiful [3x]
How you luv that, playboy?

[Verse 2]
We go lights, action, camera

We here to hammer ya
Go ask Pamela or your baby momma Lil' Tamera
Feel like a samurai or Zorro

Rich ^!$$%s don't borrow
Cut a check or wait til the bank open tomorrow
Look at ya sorrow, ends gotta meet, kids gotta eat

While we make a meal, rhymin' in and out of beat
Am I to see %#@!? Don't even look for it, it's way off
Concerts sellin' out like Chicago Bulls playoffs

So stay off the ground cause it's dangerous, whoa-ty
Too many riches, these (*##$es don't, won't hang with us,

It's a gang of us, whoa-ty
You see one everywhere you go, ain't no thang with us,

You get it either it show
We go to the bank so much, (*##$, we got a bedroom
With hoes countin' money and giving ^!$$%s head, room

So when you hear the leg boom, (*##$ you better get somewhere
Somebody gettin' hit somewhere, butt on the run, startin' %#@!



Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beautiful
These flashy cars ain't new to y'all
Don't hate me, baby cause I'm beauiful

These flasy cars ain't new to y'all, playboy

[Verse 3]

I got these ^!$$%s takling about this black-on-black Hummer
I scored that last summer
But this year playboy, I'm gonna stretch that mother$#&@er

I bought a Yukon for my main (*##$ with my newborn
Pictures of other ol' ladies suckin' on my dick
While you be loving the stupid (*##$

Now I guess I been playing with about 10 million and
These hoes been giving me they #~!!@ like it ain't nothing

Going to the club with 10 G's and a bar tab that's all on
Lettin' these hoes and ^!$$%s drank for free

Playgirl but you gotta understand one thang, that %#@! all on
Cash Money
Well here's another case, where this hoe sprayed Mace in my

Cause I wouldnt give this hoe no plate
Tellin' me I think my %#@! dont stank cause I got a Benz, a
Hummer, a Lexus
And a penthouse that say "Hoe Hater"

With tatoos with number one stunner
With billionaire on my left arm, and millionaire on my right
(*##$es be lovin' this gold grill, homey
I spent 20 G's on my earrings, homey

^!$$%, I aiin't met a ^!$$% who could drop a beat like Fresh
And I ain't met a ^!$$% that could out shine me
See I gotta clip that called #~!!@-go getters
Now playboy, these hoes be lovin' these Cash Money ^!$$%s

[Chorus then talk til the end]

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