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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Money & Power"

[Chorus: Manny Fresh (2x)]
If you could be me for an hour
Have Money and Power

Stand tall and ball and send your records to Tower
You Would love that (Hot, Hot)
You Would love that (Hot, Hot)

Nugga ge yo %#@! together

Tell the homeboys, we gone shine in the rainy weather
Strap up we gon' ride tonight
Cause all I wan' do is play with hoes tonight

And my Rollies with my bezzel speak through the ice
Let my Jag drop top speak through the gold head lights
Man, I'm on an all night flight

Worth about a millie on a silly night
On the really,I'm worth about a hundred millie on a rainy

Playboy and my game be tight
I wanna holla at my little brother L, he restin' in peace
My daddy Johnny, playa he restin' in peace

Or my momma Gladys or my sister Noreese
Man half of my family already deceased
But this baller life don't mean nothin' to me

Playa if I can't share it with my mutha$#&@in' family
I'ma roll with my heat and ride with my H.B.'s
And make all my hoes say the love me

Fitted hats, stayin' strap, Ree's on my feet
Ask 'Lac playboy if you don't believe me
You better stay straped rollin' in the UPT

Besides all these cars and all these broads
Holla at me playa thangs for 10 a ki
Playboy you could believe me

[Chorus: Manny Fresh (2x)]

[Manny Fresh:]
It was one summer night in the middle of June
Me and Belle blowin' blunts up under the moon

When this ^!$$% croos the street start talkin' %#@!
Tellin' all his jive ^!$$%s that my music don't hit
See I payed it no matter

Every album gets hotter, than the last one partner
What's ya real reason ^!$$%, for hatin' me man
Cause the (*##$ that ya wit', was datin' me man

You bout hoe %#@!
Keep it on the down low %#@!
Hoe broke and lonely don't know %#@!

Usually Captain Kirk a (*##$
I'll rough a (*##$
'Til she say, "I had enough %#@!"

I know ya bumpin' Cash Money, ya like Manny tracks
Got ya Sony CD pumped up to the max
You should be on Jerry Springer, 'cause ^!$$% you the king of

Hatin' on ^!$$%z that's keepin' it real
Big Tymers had money before the record deal
Uh, If $#&@in' music don't work ^!$$% then I still got the

Hmm, How you diggin' that
How you diggin' that

How you diggin' that

[Chorus: Manny Fresh (4x)]

I owe my dedication to my homeboy Manny

Cause I'd probably still be in a penitentiery
Or still sellin' yey on these dark city streets
Or duckin' these haters tryin' to visit me

Or the feds, want me to face 4 to 40 for conspiracy
Playboy this life is real to me
I'm rollin' Uptown wit' automatic artillery

All I can say s Fresh kept it real wit' me
But I know my lil B.G. could feel me
That's why I'm hollin' Chopper City in my song ^!$$%

And you wearin' earings with bezzels 'cause I bought 'em
But you the reason why I keep it real with ^!$$%z
Juvenile came and formed this Hot Boy Clique
And Lil Weezy I know you planted the seed

And when it come I know you gon' name it after me
I owe it all to the Lord and to Suga Slim for savin' me
From these guns, round the white
And puttin' that ron on another ^!$$% son
And tellin' me that I can be all gravy

And tellin' me that I could save this ^!$$% baby
And if you don't believe me playa I put it on that 99 big body
And the Lord and My friends cause Cash Money out to win
Playboy you could believe that

How You Luv That Boy
Hah ^!$$%, How You Luv That Playa
Tell Me ^!$$%, How You Luv That Playa
Hah ^!$$%, How You Luv That Playa
It's all gravy baby

^!$$% been havin' %#@! ^!$$%
Ridin' flossin' before we did all this %#@! ^!$$%
Million dollar homes ^!$$%
Everybody in my clique ride on chrome ^!$$%
I don't make nah ^!$$% wait for %#@!
Once we want it we gon' get that %#@!

Playboy you could believe that

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