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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry"

"I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry"
[Mannie Talking (high pitched voice)]
Follow me baby, come with me baby [whistles]

Follow me baby, come with me baby, come with me baby, come with
me baby,
Hey, hey, hey, this is devastating daddy the dog, barking at

these hoes out my monte carlo,
you can stay or you can follow...[dog barking] talk like a dog,
walk like a dog, fit like a

and spit like a dog..

[Mannie Fresh Rapping..]
I'm a D-O-G, you know me,
coming through this mother $#&@er in an 83'

slant back with kits, spittin %#@! to your (*##$,
she'll do anything for me cause I'm filthy rich,
hoe open your eyes, I'll feed you popeyes,

then take you to the crib then I open ya thighs,
(*##$ say what you want, do what you feel,
I'll slam dunk a (*##$ like Shaquille O'Neil,

No I don't play ball but I'm a baller,
Drop ya $$# off then I'll call ya,
Arebadurchi (*##$, step to the side,

Got 20 more hoes trying to get in my ride,
(?) then I'll flee, go and get a tree,
Shut the $#&@ up (*##$ and listen to me,

Don't worry what I'm doing, and who the $#&@ I'm screwing,
My money run long like J.R Yewin,
I'm a mack like roni, pretty like Tony, puff like daddy, and the

(*##$es come early,
Give me head can you beat it give ya boy some action,
Spin around and grab my dick like Michael Jackson,

^!$$% pimpin ain't dead, you heared what I said,
I got a high priced hoe, layin (*##$es she red,
The chick want I, cuz I'm superfly,

The (*##$ don't believe that I tell her a lie,
I'm an interstate pimp, walk with a limp,
Hoe better have my wine with my lobster and shrimp,

Because I'm rich, chicks they notice me,
Forever my lady ?, (*##$ I ain't Jodeci,
If $#&@ing you is wrong, I don't want to be right,

Your mouthing feel good and your #~!!@ is tight,
But you gotta understand I could never be your man,
Put ya ring back on (*##$, you ain't stan,

You wanna know the real, I tell you how I feel,
I don't give a $#&@ about a (*##$ I'm trying to make a bill,
I'm a dog (*##$, I don't care,

$#&@ what you talking bout, life ain't fair,
Hoes don't help, they just spend your wealth,
Then they gone in the wind when you lone and help,

Other things and your children, smelling like urine,
Gone from home, like you been out tourin,
Think who you with, (*##$ get off my dick,

I ain't giving up nuthing, I ain't paying your rent,
(*##$ get on your hustle, let me see your muscle,
Think you gettin money, then we gon' have to tussle,

Scooby Do, but I don't, Tiger Woods, but I wont, treat you like
a woman,
(*##$ bring me something, sucker punch ya $$# and leave ya

ribcage thumpin',

[Chorus X2]

You a dog huh ?

Keep Pimpin'
You a dog huh ?

Keep Pimpin'

Oh you a dog huh ?
Keep Pimpin', Keep Pimpin', Keep Pimpin'

[Mannie Fresh Talking (high pitched voice)]
Yeah, I wanna be your agent,
I wanna be your cousin,
I wanna be everything your man wasn't,

I wanna be your friend,
I wanna know your ATM PIN,
If I tell you to follow me,
Come with me, in a swimming pool,
full of biting Pirahnnahs, dressed like you is Madonna,

Come with me Baby, Come with me, Fly !, Fly !,
And baby, if you do come with me, you can have all the spinach
you can eat,
all the Caffine you can possibly drink,
red bull is there for you, ice cubes, black and white TV, these

things I offer to you baby,
if you just come with me

[Beat Stops...]

[Mannie Fresh Talking in Normal Voice:]
First of all, get off my lawn, before I pinch your mutha $#&@in
I ain't gon' fight you, I ain't gon' bite you, I ain't gon' kick
you, or punch you, but I
will pinch the %#@! out of you,

I apologize to all the women, all the ladies and that for making
this song, but there was
this one (*##$ that had me mad
with all that Beggin %#@!, she done took that Cash Money
Millionaire %#@! too far, its Baby
on TV talkin about,
he got a hundred million dollar record deal and he got a Maybach

and all that, (*##$ I drive
Chevy's, Old Chevy's
get the $#&@ off with that %#@!, there is some football players
up the street, there is some
basketball players on the right side,
go beg to them mutha $#&@ers, I ain't giving you %#@!, the
stupidest %#@! my dick ever did

was $#&@ you, I love ladies
but I hate hoes, thats why you get notta, nathaniel, nartica,

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