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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "How U Luv That (Vol. 2 version)"

"How U Luv That (Vol. 2 version)"(feat. Juvenile)


Aw, man
Man I sho' need this one here man
It's gon' be so huge

I know everyone out there gon' luv this one ya heard me

[Manny Fresh:]

Now, who the $#&@ got cars for days
Crazy hoes and momo's with the 20 inch blades
Me and the Misses, drivin' Expeditions

The back stabbin' friends (smooch) blowin' kisses
Chrome struck (*##$es, wood grain witches
Leather seats, la la look, anything else itches

I don' done it, the bubble-eyed GS 300
Anything else around me playboy I run it
Bought the black Yukon in Houston, a microwave, a fouton

She not white, uh uh, she cuban
Karats on my fingers
$#&@in' R&B Singers

1998 Lexus, Dick slangers
Nuts Hangers, from South Americon
Don Peringion

Me a peasant, move on
Can you top a, ^!$$% with a candy coated helicopter
Move, shake, shove that

Ask yourself ^!$$% How You Luv That

[Chorus: Lil Wayne (2x)]

How You Luv That
20 Cars on chrome
^!$$%, How You Luv That

20 show in the dome
^!$$%, How You Luv That
20 Hot Girls to bone

^!$$%, How You Luv That
Brrrr, 20 PrimeCo phones

^!$$% how you gon' tell me that %#@! ain't changed
When ^!$$% used to play curls now they playin' braids

And in my crib I got a elevator $#&@in' with these hoes heads
With alligator pillow cases in my bed
I got a screen TV so big

Playboy I had to get aproval from the city and the mutha$#&@in'
I say $#&@ these white folks 'til I'm dead

Cause I'm gon' ball 'til I fall and spend 20 G's at the mall
And Playboy you could tell me How You Luv That
I bought my son a Rolex with diamonds and bezzel at nine

And a Cash Money medallion with 20 diamonds in each letter

So peeps this, ^!$$% a got I million dollars worth of cars all
on chrome can
you compete wit' this, that's beautiful

These six tires with that Range Rover
Ear rings costin' 15 G's, wit' TV's
^!$$% I'm tryin' to put a screen on the hood of the Humvee

And put my face on top ^!$$% can you see me
I got so much money I'll never do time
I play them white (*##$es like they play me at all times

I got 20 G's to put on they leather seat
But, for open court charges three time felony on one rap

What the $#&@ I look like choppin' trees and pickin' cotton
When I shoot, $#&@in' hoes and money clockin'
I'm a Big Tymer ask 'Lac you could believe that

Play boy ^!$$% tell me How You Luv That

[Chorus: Lil Wayne (2x)]

Baby what you mean that Juvenile ain't bout matin'

Best get yo' mind right and go head with that hatin'
What, you must think that these diamonds ain't real or somthin',
All of this shoutin' gon' get me killed for nothin', ha
^!$$% $#&@ that I'm gon' ball 'til I fall

From Calton by the levy, to General DeGaul
So Baby pop the Crystille, and shine the jewels
Give your cadillac a tool, with 20 inch L's
Rolex with diamond bezzels with 20 G cells
My floor shinin' from marble from across the c!@#^

In my position we make nothin but G's
Your jewelery say you belong to CMB
Don't hit us cause we beautiful ^!$$%z please
You think I'm stuntin' know just wait 'til I come back with them

^!$$%z fear this, they hate but they don't come near this
I don' wrote a song bout these (*##$es you wanna hear this
They say, "Juvenile you mutha$#&@a you off the heezy"
I got these hoes #~!!@ poppin' tell lil keezy and breezy
Can't you see me in that bubble-eye, How You Luv That

Can't you see me in that BMW-ah, How You Luv That

[Chorus: Lil Wayne (2x)]

Wha, How You Luv That
Wha, How You Luv That

Wha, How You Luv That
Wha, How You Luv That
Wha, How You Luv That
^!$$%, How You Luv That
Wha wha, Brrr, How You Luv That
Ha ha, Big Tymers
Diamonds that'll [Bling] blind ya

Ha ha, Big Tymers
Better act like ya know

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