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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Hello"

[Man:] Ladies and gentlemen, see its like
Hello, Hello, Hello

[Woman:] Hello Hello
[Man:] See baby
Hello, Hello, Hello

[Woman:] Hello, Hello

[Verse 1]

[Man:] Now I been trying to $#&@ with you since 7th grade
[Woman:] But I didn't want to $#&@ with you, cause you wasn't

[Man:] By the time I got to tenth grade baby I was pushing
[Woman:] And who would ever think you would get paid off for

saying rhymes
[Man:] Now I $#&@ed you and your sister too
[Woman:] My auntie and my cousin Boo

[Man:] But I think I should let you go
[Woman:] Tell me, why you don't love me no more

[Conversation between man and woman. Arguing]

[Verse 2]

[Woman:] You got a lot money now you think your %#@! don't
[Man:] But you wouldn't accept my calls when I went to jail

[Woman:] Now I been waiting for you everyday
[Man:] But I here messy %#@! from ^!$$%s around the way
[Woman:] Now I kept the #~!!@ on lock till u got out

[Man:] But what about the freaky %#@! that you done with your
[Woman:] ^!$$% I hate your guts, boy you ain't %#@!

[Man:] well I feel the same way about you stankass scandless

[Conversation between man and woman arguing]

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