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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Get High"

(feat. Jazze Pha)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohhhhh
Nah just kidding, ha....ha...ha

Ay! ay ay ay!
Welcome to the side of the world where we just do
What the $#&@ we want to

And smoke how we wanna smoke
And fly
Up above the sky

Fly with me as I go around the world
Boys and girls, here it is

Well I'ma smoke (I'm gon' smoke)
Until I choke (until I choke)

And I'ma drank (I'ma shole drank)
Until I can't (until I can't)

See I'ma smoke (yes I'ma smoke)
Until I choke (until I choke)
And I'ma dra-a-ank (I'ma drank)

Until I can't (until I can't) oh oh
Oh ye-heah

Smokin hydro-phonic and I'm high as a kite
Sippin on some crissy on a Saturday night

Mind on my money and my money on my mind and i got
Freaks at the teley ready to, do a ^!$$% all day all night
Drinkin on a bottle of that seriousness

Tell that (*##$ that you wit to mind her bizz-a-ness
Cause she'll be under the spreads
Givin me head in a Holiday Inn

Under the cover
Drunk as a mutha $#&@a
Me and her friend

Got the OG goin on til 6 in the morn'
We gon' drink, we gon' smoke, we gon' make us a !@$^
Now tell the TRUTH, ABSOLUT make ya wanna have SEX

Make you NAUGHTY
You don't have to use X

But weed is what you need to get yo mind flowin right
But HENESSEE is ENERGY, we $#&@in tonight
And RUM'll make you NUMB

Make your dick stand strong
And CHRONIC is BIONIC, make the sex last long


[Mannie Fresh]

Now, y'all see, I'm at a point in my life
Where don't %#@! matter to me but smokin
Ya know?

They don' turned my mutha $#&@in lights off
But I got a lighter, and I'm gon' smoke
And if I had 5 mutha $#&@in dollas left

And I had to eat or smoke
I'm gon' mutha $#&@in' smoke
Ya know?

If, if was a 5th we'd all be drunk mutha $#&@a


See? That's how I get down
I'm gon' smoke til I blow up
Drink til i throw up

And pass out on somebody kitchen flo'
Roll me another $#&@in fat one
And go back to the liquor sto'

Goodnight mutha $#&@a! (Muah!)
Smoke on!!

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