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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "Drivin' Em"

"Drivin' Em"(feat. Larell, Lil Wayne)

[Mannie Fresh]

Drivin in a Benz, in the nest
Coming in this mother$#&@er, turning mother$#&@in necks
Going back in the superstretch

Just checkin how many fly (*##$es I can catch
Ride mother$#&@er and you gonna know
Seeing some ladies hanging out the window

Let the interior look reign
18 inches whippers look like so much pain
I'ma mac like Moley the one and only

I'm a $#&@ like daddy look pretty like Tony
See a hoe, (*##$, %#@!
You gotta stop on the corner when you see a state cop

For the ^!$$%s in the night they call drag, I'ma fool and be
With an automatic click clack

I wanna $#&@ and how to $#&@ you bigger
Mama gonna dress and you all be better
In the middle of the night it's on

It's hot call Frank and meet you at the spot
Cash Money rules every thing around
If you represent U.P.T. your downtown

(*##$ I thought knew they call me Baby

Hoes drive me crazy
Money is a must, coats slanging
Plus I never duck when ^!$$%s bust in cars

I mini Benz, expeditions and other cars
I look so pretty, and I'd $#&@ these hoes
On the grill with a mouth full of gold

(*##$es know, I'll let cha know on tape enough %#@!
Those lamborgini ^!$$%s know %#@!
And I love these hoes that suck dick

Big Tymers for life enough g's on my rolex
From acorn the magazine
And she was seen homie giving brains behind it homie

It's was nice with the ice, they call me Baby
These (*##$es know my game is tight

Who can file for most of the squash
Blast through the door and get your $$# tossed

Every ^!$$% on the map on acasion lose every ^!$$% in them
Nuthin but truth is behind the peace treaty is the best

Cuz you don't want them to hit cha (*##$a
Me in the coop, ya'll in the hall

Ya'll on the crawl so I gots to ball
I'm in the yearbook
When I was at booker t party of the year 1993

My satisfaction is, I've never been a problem
See my advirsaries were suspended and I hide em
When I'm stuck in the club ^!$$%s will let you know

On the door start looking for sure
And if you want to start something
With my kliq it's cool cuz chop off all your dicks

Uptown baby the Big Tymers know where I live
The third door from the hum drums
Your dumb if want some rowdy boy we'll some

You won't see us in the tinted old car
Won'tcha $$# be all fallin behind
But you got luck thats why you got behind

Time is running out for you fools
Chickens I was at your girls house with the lights out
And slash your $#&@in leather

Get a seperate %#@! better, whether
Win, lose, or draw, still losing my clip
Cuz uptown for life is the mother$#&@in %#@!

[Lil Wayne]
I'm the little one with the skrilla thats off the rilla

Cuz killas get punked on the start of pilas
^!$$% it's me Hot Boy show
Head tilted to the right, I'll be right next store
^!$$% you know me from the true store
I die slow cuz the bullets, are old

^!$$%s fall to the floor, ain't a slug to touch
Too bad little ^!$$% say what
Your pants sagin and your head busts like a skittle
I'm on fire so they tried to chill it
Tell em dogg, ain't nothin gonna shake

Creep like a slave and take all the bait
Like a tape, I still rock the mack 10
110 bullets twirl like a whirlwind
I tie up your boy and rape your girlfriend
Come off the sex with the choppers twirlin in the wind

Better watch your children, are they all in?
I shoot twice, your crawling and I get disgusting
The beef get ugly, start busting going uhhh, up in
Jesus please come see us in the speeder
I jump out with gun in the freezer

Plus your boys won't go
They must of heard of Big Tymers, act like you know
Huh huh wha wha ^!$$%

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