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BIG TYMERS lyrics : "#1"

[Chorus (2x) (Mannie Fresh):]
All the ^!$$%s was, buck, buckin' in the crowd
And all the ladies was, scream, screamin' out loud

Go number 1
Brian, Baby, Bizzy, Bubba
Go number 1

Old ig-nant mother$#&@er

[Verse 1: (Baby)]

(Come on, you ridin' this dick)
Yo, $#&@ being a prince
I'm the king of the south

It's the birdman daddy stick the gag in ya mouth
It's the, Boss Hog, known Big Dawg
The boss of the ghetto and I ball like a Dawg

You see that, four pound, ga-round, and round
round banana clip and I shut your hood down
See I floss like Jewelry (stay broke like Woodie)

It's the number 1 daddy, look for carpet and pully
See I shine like feet, 23's for me
24's on the truck and leave on dub streets

See I wipe a (*##$ down
Then dribble on the hoe
And touch her from her head, from her waist to her toe

Now buckle up Ma it's time to ride out
G-waggin' daddy , I keeps it down south
Escalade truck, in the back, and it's nasty

Cut it on the side, switch it out, and it's a Caddy

[Chorus (2x)]

[Verse 2: (Mannie Fresh)]
Let me holla at these ^!$$%s that went out bad

They jumped in the magazine and showed they $$#
But it ain't nothin' but stunna to bust a ^!$$% $$#
When I jumped off the porch, y'all were still on the grass

^!$$% gave me a shot and gave me a gun
Fresh loaded the gun and told me have some fun

But A,A- the B-I the I-I
You mother$#&@a! ($#&@a)
Suck a d-iock

You Mother$#&@a! ($#&@a)
Ba- Ba- Bubba Mother$#&@a !
Them hoes be sayin' ([Women:] You a dirty mother$#&@a)

See the pipes, rims, cars, the chrome
The jewels, the ice, ears, the arm
The ??, the Lui, the Gucci, the berry

The swine, the mink, let's get it together
The prowler, the swade, the jacket, the leather
Headliner, rebot, tailor made sweaters

The guns, the pistol, automatic ^!$$%s
Ak, nine glocks, mackin' left ^!$$%s
It's the princess cuts, round shaped diamonds

You betta understand because these hoes all minors (You better
It's the Ma- Ma- Mannie Mannie Fresh ^!$$% (The $#&@ with this

Disrespect, you get the Smith and Western ^!$$%!
Spin yo block on 24's ^!$$%

[Woman:] Stunna Stunna
[Mannie:] I'm known to havin' hoes ^!$$%!


[Verse 3:]

I went from, teach to streets, to solvin' this beef
^!$$% gave me my shot, November the nuts ski
Aye aye 19 that is (Woooo)

See them tattoo tears
See I'm a known deep boy with the dope in the frig
It's me Lac and Stone and all my kids

Ridin' round town in that brand new Jig (Woooooo Weeeee!)
Jaguar that is
See I'm world wide grindin' and I'm tryin' to live

You know how it is when you got the kids
You gots to go home and get it how you live
Ain't got no money so you pick at eye lids
Turn around the corner and you askin' why
You fought everybody cause you stupid $$# high

Asked mom for money you dumb mother$#&@a ($#&@a)
She find out in jail and you back this summa (summa)

[Chorus 4x]

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