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BIG TEACH : BET 2013 Cypher Entry lyrics

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BIG TEACH lyrics : "BET 2013 Cypher Entry"

Big Teach up in this cypher, rep my dawgs from the A.
Better up ya pupils pupils, carving chest-lines with an A.
Scarlet scented sickened streets, ha -- thorn (Hawthorne) in the crown.

Remote rewind unwinding lines; re-listen it's profound.

I more than raise the roof, double flowing the entendres;

Ice be on my bars as proof: flow whirring (flowering) in the tundras.
Rushin' (Russian) rulers for the ring, Brooklyn Nets became a wonder,
And Roc Nation signed Durant, but BT he bring the thunder.

LIT SQUAD in the house! we deal in verse and stanzas;
I be teaching like a boss: lonely island, tony danza.

King of all the beasting ballers, my offspring is Mufasa,
Y'all know I'm pretty fly for white, a monster they call Mothra.

Poet, singer, slanger I bang: in every genre
On the gank for the grail: like Sean Connery or Shawn Carter,
Murder by a Misfit from that gat: Flannery O'Connor

The game is gruesome, more like war, and I 'Nam ya




BT on BET... Vote for me.


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