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BIG SHANE : Candy Man lyrics

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BIG SHANE lyrics : "Candy Man"

They still callin me candy man
when they see me pass
I get more stares then a poster

because I love to act
I chunck the 2s and pass
watchin every hata move

Cuz wit my ride I'm in secure
so ima act a fool
Yup Yup I keep that tool

when I cruise or post on blocks
So when I'm round it go down
like a crowd that heard shots

Body gon swang the lac
doing 50 in the turnin lane
Big will on 24s

wit doors up and marble paint
Candy paint
wut I'm flippin on

Me and Yiotti hit the road
we tippin strong
He swang right

while I'm switchin lanes
Hit the button trunk pop
and let it wave

Then let it bang
cuz that's wut it do
Same car u might find

in ya fruit loops
People screaming my name
when they turn me on

Keep black white n yellas
jus like a vouge
On 3s or 4s

or even 24s
Ima still
swang like indiana jones

We so on
wheels big chrome
They on ex

they gettin dey roll on
I get respect
got stacks on deck

I'm workin wit screens
like alex trabet
Still known as candy man

when I swang the whip
I'm riding on the alphabets
that's 26

Its big shane
catch me swangin like a gymnist
Steve harvey dress code

u kno a ^!$$% lookin fresh
I needa go to rehab
everyday its the same thing

In stores and at the club
I can't stop blowing light green
But I dont smoke the chonic

I'm talkin bout that money
Play wit me
get stiched, like some red monkeys

But I be watchin u
watchin how the ride sit
I'm high and sit on buttons

like I'm on a sidekick
So the ride sick
betta yet, the ride the %#@!

I'm like a slave owner
how I'm swangin different whips
I see you staring at me

trying to see, but dem windows tinted
I'm countin bread while gettin head
that's money ova (*##$es

You play with my chips
I'll break u off something proper
Beef on my mind

like im always fiendin for a whopper
I'm on a major grind
I aint here jus to make no huns
I want that r&b money
christin millians

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