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Big Sean lyrics : "What I Do"

[Big Sean:]
Okay, I'm young and rich
And this the %#@! man

(What what you you?)
You you is a %#@! stain
Me I'm connected like I switch planes

Addicted to Weed (*##$es and big chains
Woop, car so big I crash it if I switch lanes
Sayin you the man ^!$$% quit playin

How you winning if I ain't switch teams
(*##$ I had the same dreams since I was sixteen
Ripping life out out of the plastic

Turning everything to platinum
Got six rings do I look like Phil Jackson
Me, earl mac and a bunch of Toni Braxton's

Fill your cup to full full fullest
Tone if they acting up then pu-pu-pull it
High off money we the p-p-#~!!@

I don't st-st-st-stutter
Go g-g-girl do it right now

This ain't nothing new to me
Addicted to the cars and jewelry

All the bad (*##$es like whoa it's he
Swear you know you know you know you know what I do
To me, do to me, do to me, do do

To me, do to me, do to me, do do
You know what I do

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