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Big Sean lyrics : "Thank You"

[Verse 1]
As the crowd dies down, screamin' and appalause
As a bad broad opens the envelope

Lemme straighten up my tie that I worked so hard for
Already got my speech, cause this is my award
Like, thank you for the love and every look I get

Thank you to my last girlfriend cause she a (*##$
She never held me down, so thank you for the lift
Cause I know she lookin' out like

Thank you to the [?] flyin' streets where I live
Since before I got big, before they shot B.I.G
Thank you to my grandma for keeping me in line

Thank you to my momma cause she never stopped tryin'
Snatched me outta public school to keep me outta trouble
Paid for private school and picked up another hustle

Thank you for every wrong turn I made in life
Just remember, 3 lefts is the same as goin' right
As I'm goin' down this, thank you cause this is very long

Thank you for this award, that I've just won
If you goin' me you are only with some m[?]
You know who the best is, know it all, craigslist[?]

Hah, oh yeah I stretched out, stretched in
Checked out, checked in, sexed out, sextin'
Hey, I always was the best man

Could never had a bride cause I'm $#&@in' all the best friends
Last but not least
Thank you for the rappers who all let me share a beat

Put their verse on it, thought that %#@! was sweet
Then I put my verse on it and I made 'em sound weak
I'm living off recordin', I hope that they recordin'

AV watch be worth a fortune, Ferrari Lambo Porsche and
Livin' dreams out of proportions, yeah bottle after bottle
But I never left the cork in, and you can't have a portion

Thank you to the devil, for tryna' bring me down
Thank you man to Kanye for bring me around
And tryna cut me off short, and run me off stage

So if you didn't hear your name, it doesn't mean I changed
Thank you to the metropolitan colleges I was rockin' with
Means more to me than oxygen, honestly, on some honest %#@!

Doin' them shoes, wasn't gettin' money
Still got by though, puttin' in budgets
Hell yeah, ^!$$%, full of Benjamin hundreds

^!$$%s die young, Benjamin Button
I'm gone

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