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Big Sean lyrics : "Supa Dupa Lemonade"

D-Town westside, Yea I said it westside
But they yellin Big so much, You would thought it's Bed Stuy
You are now f-ckin with the newest ^!$$% best out,

Gon' and roll that weed ^!$$% (Why) Cuhz I'm stressed out,
L.V checked out, Bad b-tch chest out (them !@%$)
No wonder why misses right just keeps on gettin left out,

Oh well that's everything I'm not concernin (f-ck it)
I'm on the top floor gettin brains, Higher learnin
Gettin higher earnins and my desires yearnin,

Runnin through that paper (What) like my Attourney
100 blunts rolled, You can smell the fire burnin,
I'm in the fast lane, You can smell my tires burnin,

Exercise, Flex on guys, Model chick,
Sex on thighs, bubble out a Lexus drive
I might let Alexis drive,

Jesus chain testify, I over Accessorize,
Test her out and she gon need a stretcher when I stretch her out
When it's time to speak man all of ya'll listen, When you up in the party

Why is all the broads missin, And I just drop lines
Like a ^!$$% goin fishin, Man and I be on them posters like a ^!$$% gon missin
And I spit (Scratch) that !@$!ed sh-t, Just call it autism

And I'm so hollywood that I might make yo (*##$ audition
For me, Cut-Cut, Movie town Cut, Look immma dick her dooowwwnnn, You gon
Pick her up,

And I'm unusual as sh-t, I am superbad yo girl prolly
Doodlin my d-ck, And it's a couple screws up in my head that

Could use a f-ckin wrench, and I'm jus lookin at the game like they can use
A f-ckin bench, ((*##$) and my name all up in the rafters, She gon
Make me###, but I bet that money come faster, Kanye first,

Then I'm comin after, and Louis Vatton shoes hoe,
Dons and the jaspers, Who, her, I ran through her walls,
Made her scream and disapear, But hell naw my name is not casper,

Boy, What the f-ck these rappers sound like, Ha just a whole bunch of my sound bites,
First whip Garbo, Second whip Largo, Don't
Worry bout my ^!$$%s they're good,

Bank account got me feelin well, Fargo,
Ballin 'till I get a milla-check

I just give em line afta line, afta line afta... Afta line, afta line, Bar codes,
They lookin for my work, Narco, Cuhz I just blackout in the booth,

Charcoal, Me, Don, C, Tone and 54 b-tches, The seeds finna blow,
I bet they finna blow ^!$$%, 2 pounds of weed don't act like you don't ^!$$%,
I put that green up like mistletoe ^!$$%

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