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Big Sean lyrics : "Story By Common"

Yea, what up! It's Common right here! Y'all know where I come from, and uh,
shoot I used to come to the D. I used to go to Detroit, like, every two
weeks to record with J Dilla. I be standing at the Atheneum, and then, you

know, he'd come scoop me up; he had a Range. We'd either eat, we'd eat at a
Coney Island, close to his crib. He stayed 'round McNich'. We'd go down in
his ba!@&(t and stuff, and Jay Dee would dig through the records and then

he would make a beat. And then once he make a beat, I'd be like, "Yo
that beat cold," and then I'd just sit there. And Frank, Frank would
be around. And then you know, and we'd just be kicking it; I'd be getting

some Heinekens and stuff, and then uh, they'd go to Chocolate City, to
strip club. And I wasn't all into the strip clubs at the time, so I'm like
yo, I'd just be like, I'd sit there and be like, "I'm about to write

this rap." Then one time I was like, "I'm going to the strip club
with y'all." I went to the club, and man they had some good chicken
wings, man some good, thick girls, and it was right. Anyway, I love the D,

man; We used to kick it off in the D. That was like all day. That's what we

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