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Big Sean lyrics : "SO MUCH MORE"

Feeling like I got the cheat code to life
Jewelry looking like it got free throwed in ice
Debatin' with the reaper not to repo my life

Cause in my 23 years I done lived a couple lives
Like why? cause I stunt, bags of trees, like its fall
The girls that was outta my league tryna play with my balls

I pay bills, I work hard
And when my momma cried a river, they never gave us a bridge
They gave us a bridge card, ^!$$%

Ridin' low, puffin on lye
I came way too far to f-ck it up now
Text from my mom said ?me and your grandma proud?

I'm way too deep in the game to go sit back in the crowd
Teacher told me get a job, save up for a 401(k)
Man I'd rather be young and %#@!, countin' $401k.

I'd rather die with a smile instead
I'm just multiplying the money and dividing the legs

(Been this way before)
(Dream of finding so much more)

But I'm never dividing the bread
(*##$ I bet I get the debit if I don't get the cred (I deserve)

Throwin' westside up like Pac, when they pop ya block up,
Big Poppa flock off, you holy lil ? holy Kenobi, chewbacca

I'm Balenciaga, Chanel, Hermes but I betchu that you won't find it
Rocking Louie and MC'ing
Guess I'm closed (clothes) minded

Obama suite, you one below, up in the Joe Biden
I'm in your city just chillin', where are your hoes hiding?
24k for the fit because it's 24 carats

And I can't lie, the price'll probably go up when I wear it
I'm just D-Town reppin'
And makin' all these ^!$$%s who second guessed it regret it

Regret it like half the hoes I smashed in the sheets
At least I realise now how much I loved Ashlee Marie
And when it's all said and done I'd probably give her my knee

Cause she put up with too many games not to have her a ring
Man she almost cried when she seen me on TV on BET
Just making it seem easy

Standing next to Common Sense and Yeezy
And the whole world's seen me
(*##$ I know you seen me

(Been this way before)
(Dream of finding so much more)

?Man, I wake up to a wet dream
Everyday's a Friday and every nights a sex scene

Every week is fashion week and every day I'm pressed clean
Detroit's Angel, I even got red wings
I'm headed to the ball, me and three prom queens

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