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Big Sean lyrics : "She Won't Let Me Go feat. Travis Porter"

Verse 1:Strap
She won't let me go
She won't let me go

Looked me in my eyes, and told me "baby no"
Spend a night in that #~!!@ and then I gots to go
She tried to hide my keys

Don't want me to go, back out that door
Don't want me to go back on that road
Say I always touch her soul

Say her man don't do her like I do her
Say it's nothing wrong with me and you
You just tell me how you feelin'

I might come and scoop you baby, and put you on that pimpin'
You could ease your mind, relax your bones
Took you off his arm, he ain't on the %#@! I'm on

Take you to the club, you had the time of your live and drink Patron
Pour you some Rosay and now you drankin', what I'm drankin' on.

Hook:Big Sean
I swear the nights on the road
All around the globe

Everywhere I go
Surrounded by them hoes
I swear she won't let me go

She won't let me go, (do it)
x 2
She see the ice that I got on, (boi)

Emblem on my car, (boi)
Used to be yo girl, (boi)
But now she on my arm

She won't let me go, (do it)
x 3

Verse 2:Ali
She won't let me go because I hit that #~!!@ right
All night

And when I hit it, man she keep that #~!!@ tight
That's what I like
And if I'm tipsy, then I might give that #~!!@ bites

But ain't no drinking red wine
Because my floor is all white, okay
So hit me up today

Maybe we'll hook up today
Hope you ain't got plans today
Trynna take yo pants away

Lightin' up some candles babe
So enjoy the moment cause later I gotta go away
Girl my ice on, my ice on

I $#&@ her with the lights on, the lights on
I hope Pandora play the right song, the right song
I'mma hit it all night long, night long.


Verse 3:Quez
I put her hands over her head

Then I picked her up, and then I laid her on the bed
Then I spread her legs
And then I licked her on her neck

Then I told her, "Girl it's gone be something you won't forget"
And then she scream "Quez, I like that"
Don't bite me girl, cause I bite back

And we tangled and twisted
And she say she like my chain, the way it twinkle and glisten
Baby I'm the quarterback, so baby play your position

I said, "Girl I gotta go, girl I gotta leave"
Did it two times, say she want a round three
Puttin on my jacket, she start pulling on my sleeve

She say that she's addicted and can't get enough of me.


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