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Big Sean lyrics : "Rollin"

Ass Shake, $$# shake. Yeah I like that $$# shake. Ya'll (*##$es won't show me love. I know ya'll hoes ain't that fake. A real G believe that. Feelin like Outkast. I'm already big now I'm fin to be a... She on that superman. Blue and red cop car. Can't sing a lick now she fin to be a pop star. Pop off. And I can't feel %#@! but my dick in your (*##$. So guess what, there's only one thing left to pop off. Feelin like a vegetable with sexy hoes and sexy clothes. They best dressed. Yeah I guess they recognize who they dressin for. She step in the hall to call her man and say she just at home. At my hotel it's valentines all they see is X and O's. And I can't feel my cardio. Motha $#&@as walkin in with shrooms. Now I'm fin to feel like Mario. Man I'm livin with these ^!$$%s fantasizin life and I'm prayin that I make it through the night. Cause a ^!$$% straight rollin

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