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Big Sean lyrics : "Risk"

There's no chance to evolve and progress without taking risks
I feel like it's the necessary element to self-development, you know

Like it's the key to living live to the fullest
Risk, according to Webster, is the chance of injury, damage, loss
The failure of your expectations

But I realize it's also the opportunity to learn and gain a fulfillment of your desires and dreams
When I think of risk or what risk means I feel like I might think of being afraid
Or really risk is a way to overcome what you fear

You can be afraid to risk something or everything because you don't wanna lose what you have
Because you're afraid you may fail or think you can't handle it or whatever the case
You'll spend so much energy and time trying to keep what you have instead of progressing into something new

Everything changes, nothing stays the same forever, nothing
From business to person, everything in between
I realize that you can't be afraid, a lot of us aren't all the way satisfied

But we're scared to lose security in what we do have
Like I might not be able to get a better job or a better partner etc.
Or even as bad as prison is, you know, there are people who don't wanna leave

Because they're afraid of what's on the outside
Or being able to succeed
The number one thing I gotta remind myself sometimes or remember

Is that life is here not to survive, but to live it up
To expand, to grow
When you settle for what's familiar or safe it's because we forget that God is our security

God is creating all this and that's the only security, you know
You can try to find security in people, in jobs or in anything man-made
But it's no point because everything is designed to change, including you

Most people who have successfully taking risks and succeeded
Have failed, too but the point is you learn from every lesson, you learn from every risk
Change is always exciting, it's always exciting when you know God is involved

The world is designed for change, don't ever be afraid to take risk

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