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Big Sean lyrics : "Platinum And Wood"

[Verse 1]
Come roll with a ^!$$%, get high with a ^!$$%
Count stacks with a ^!$$%, $#&@ hoes with a ^!$$%

Back in high school we used to trade clothes with my ^!$$%s
Back when Icebreaker [?] was like the wardrobe for the killers, we pose for the pictures
Stunting on hoes, I stunt with my bros

Real go-getters, I swear being broke didn't fit us
Like new T-shirts, new jeans, new hats
You know, spending gas money on everything except gas

Spending my last on the %#@! that won't last
Back when 20 dollars would impress that $$#
A movie and popcorn and caress that $$#

Overdress and undress that $$#, god bless that $$#
It was me and my dawgs, summer on summer
Riding around like we dumber on dumber

Whipping that Toyota like it's a Hummer
What happened to those days? I really do wonder
When all I did was safe sex, latex

The first time I slipped up was the had a homie ace test, $#&@
But I ain't flunk once, not before I got drunk once
I was smoking on haze, all in a daze

My homies would call and say "^!$$%, come roll"


[Verse 2]
Man, I'm straight up off the 7 Mile

They call that the better mile
Tryna get a house up in the woods
Off on 11 Mile, better that, one time for the D

Girls that hold me down Corretta style
And everything I want off in the world is a must-have
I realized that at the bus stop with a bus pass thinking "$#&@ rap"

Cause there's ^!$$%s in the streets getting money under my nose that I mustache
I've seen people get murdered who ain't deserved that %#@!
Cops should've protect-and-served and %#@!

But still pull me over, disrespect and search my %#@!
That's why their attitude was "(*##$, you deserved that %#@!"
Bang bang bang, how do you maintain the same brain and mind

In a city of AKs and K9s
When only language they know English and gang signs
$#&@ it all though, I'm repping till the world blow, come roll

Sean, it's good to be home, isn't it?

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