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Big Sean lyrics : "Only Two Can Win"

Whoa, Oh
Same old me, but everything around me new
Made it to the roof and still stuck to my roots

Livin' out the dream
Well, it might be a dream to you
But I do everything I dream, so to me it's déjà vu

See everybody wanna go to big deal from no deal
To make it to the top you still gotta go uphill
Rollin' up J's, to rollin' up here with J

Crazy how my life just went from surreal to so real
Back when rapping, school was a main contemplation
'Ye took me to the Grammy's, we had that conversation

Say, You don't make it this far doing no kind of waiting
And a few years later it'll lead me to my nomination
And that, that, that's worth more than a diploma

Sometimes being your own boss is worth more than promotions
Chillin' in a spot ^!$$%s kill to get inside
Spilt so much liquor on the ground, you'da thought my ^!$$%s died

But we inside!

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