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Big Sean lyrics : "Nothing Is Stopping You"

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
I know I'mma get it, I just don't know how
Heart up on the stage, body in the crowd

Parents always tried keep me home
But I can't get paid from the crib, so I'll be gone till we on
Whats up, Finally Famous

I had it on my jacket way back in high school
Know I wanted to be in them night clubs and not all off in that night school
So me and my ^!$$%s real life'd it, every week we did them cyphers

At the radio, had a crazy flow, man the city ain't heard %#@! like this
I woke up early on a saturday
Said I'mma cash my check and hit some $$# today

Hit the bank, my ^!$$% called me like: "Go rap for Ye
He at the station, rap that %#@! that you rap everyday"
Man, that %#@! sounds stupid then I hang up on his $$#

Then called him back like "$#&@, let's do it"
I didn't even cash my check, man can't believe my $$# pursuit it
I didn't even have no gas but somehow God just lead me to it

Like, "Let's do it"

[Interlude: Kanye West and DJ Mo Beatz]

When I heard the songs he was doing
Man, I knew he had to be on G.O.O.D Music
(BIG! SEAN!) (x5)

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Just to think, last night I was in Venice hugging (*##$es,

Thanking God Almighty, condoms were invented
Cause I had a yellow bone
That could've come from out the Simpsons man

Who claim she never did it (Yeah right)
But under these conditions she was with it
Then I hopped up on that red eye when I finished

I been gon for five hours, $#&@, my head still spinning
$#&@ed the hotel up, %#@! she probably still in it,
Getting rest that I be missing, but $#&@ it I'm on a mission

Flight delayed like 30 minutes, now that's the %#@! that I hate
Now it's eight thirty, I'm officially late, for that eight o'clock spot
I know the Program Director hot, but I spit a freestyle up in there so cold

That everybody in that (*##$ forgot, Now I'm running late for sound check
And I heard the line's already to the lot, walking out the station
And that's around the time that I got stopped, by this shorty tryna rhyme

Manager said we ain't got time, But time to time
You gotta make time when it's time for karma to come back around
I say "Aye dawg, What you got?", "Aw dawg, Big Sean, thanks a lot

Um, alright, stay young ran the game, man they been afraid
Tryna follow me get in a maze, Leave you minute maid
Um, I'm like a young black Eminem, it's a riddle and I'm repping that Michigan

Tryna stack my dividends, get my mom a new crib and them
And the bunch just synonyms about how he was living in,
I ain't even let him finish %#@!, I mean I can't lie he was alright

But at his age, %#@! so was I,so give him my email on a fly
And if it sound good, then I reply Uhh

[Interlude: Trick Trick and Shorty]
Trick Trick: Hello
Shorty: Ay ^!$$%, Ay trick, where you at ^!$$%

Trick Trick: Ay what up, whats good, whats up man?
Shorty: Ay bro, ay ^!$$% I just rapped for this ^!$$% Big Sean dawg
Trick: What!

Shorty: Bro, haha, I just rapped for this ^!$$% Big Sean dawg, aye
Trick: Oh hell naw, what?
Shorty: Hey I ran into this ^!$$%, but aye he cool as hell man

Trick: Awwww Dang! Tight!
Shorty: Bet, He short as hell though.
Both: Hahahaha

Shorty: But that ^!$$% was cool though man
Trick: Alright!
Shorty: Man just like how he spit a hundred bars, I spit like two hundred bars.

[Outro 1: Big Sean]
Tell me what you know about dreams, what you know about having faith

In something you can't see, tell me how much do you believe
What you know about feeling something, that you can't even touch
What you know bout smelling something, that you can't even breathe

But when the world drives you out, and your gas tank is on E
All the faith that you had, just ain't all the faith that you need
All the faith that I have, just ain't all the faith that I need
I'm sorry.

[Outro 2: Mama Myra]
I know you're not my child talking like that. Focus shifting the negative energy, into something positive. And the easiest way to do that, is to be grateful for all the things that you do have, For your health, for your family, your friends, all the people that care about you. You've got food to eat, you've got a place to stay. Ugh you know, let's feel good, let's get happy, boi! haha

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