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Big Sean lyrics : "Life Should Go On ft. Wale"

finally famous in this

yup thats over everythang
boi, good,
i say

from the west but im headed to the north side
thats the top i need a crib on the short side
i need a back yard, full court size

from where the jury is the only thing is court side?
chasin money iin the city of crown
cash back so they just black bags under my eyes

man $#&@ it i got a dream worth more than my sleep
to me playin in the game is more than the seas
man $#&@ these hatin $$# (*##$es im gone

they told me no
then i reverse that im on
im on

im on
im on
they told me no then i reverse that im on

mama had two jobs you know that she was workin fo me
10 years later i got her workin for me
hired the whole family like mobsters

getting paid off our operations
we aint even doctors
grandma called

see me on the billboards around the city man
gon around around the world so many times im dizzy
london and japan orlando walt disney(dizzy?)

paris (aqua dobi? lol) california we twisty
yup texas to toronto
where they love that ^!$$% drizzy

all the way to the (trade?) the whole city $#&@in wit me
fated? to the money hoe
city comin wit me

and ima rep this city till the reaper come and get me

and this is how life should go(go)
everything i wanted never seemed so close(yeah yeah)
good people good dreams good smoke

got me thinking this is how life should go
yup this is how life should go
everything i wanted never seemed so close

family all around
all highs no lows
got me thinkin this is how life shouldd go!


sittin back putting all my issues in a swisher
i keep a funky

with my mrs. $#&@ these other (*##$es
and this aint biblical
but the sermon is spiritual

cause when it come to winnin
convincin theres only been a few
the upper percentile

whippin wherever i
_____outlast you?
im prolly gon last miles

stay in a small circle
know that theres god workin
police got the swine flu

and these ^!$$%s is rap ties
make that poetic genius

combined to 7 genes
keep my name is 7 beamer?
i tried bolina on ^!$$%s and i actually mean it

a fly ^!$$% i keep havin the gravity grievers
and why these ^!$$%s keep hatin they be askin for features
thats like a complacent atheist is askin for jesus

ha ridin round without a flock given
behind em dirty place ?
like a catcher want a mitten?
the best at my position
im passionate with lyrics

they aint $#&@in with the kid
like chris hanson in the kitchen?
ima handsome to these women
ima MVbodies no ones?
thats no joakim noah ^!$$%

everybody know it
and even if you dont drink
everybody poe up?
cause all these s____ ^!$$%s
prolly never gon show up

never hate on no one
your bless is getting closer
even when im open theres nothing that aint coated?

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