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Big Sean lyrics : "intro"

Finally famous in this

Do I really need an intro

Cause dey know, dey know, dey know
Do I really need an intro
Who I am, Who I am, Who I am

Do I really need an intro
Dey know, dey know, dey know
Do I really need an intro

Who I am, Who I am, Who I am

All I get is respect, as soon as I eject the vehicle

I bet you cannot detect, the scratch of a defect
From where the streets feast at, but made it out the belly of the beast without a C-sect
I'm so straight up, I'm so erect

Hype off that action, I'm so direct
I know it's a hundred thousand ^!$$%s up in Michigan
Doing it, but where I lack in talent I make up for it in discipline

And go hard, so hard til nobody else is on my sonar, radar, or lane cause I Bogart
Nowadays all we do is classic, Mozart
Outta here, it would be polite to send a postcard

I meant a post heart, yall ^!$$%s post hard
So lost co-star, coast off au revoir
I mean look at all we been in

And I look up in the mirror like boy you aint even finished


Do they really need my info, to show them what they in for
I'm recognized like kinfolk, even when my brim low

I come from where that life talk, where dat where dat knife talk
D-town, be brown, more money than white chalk
and on them nights how we grind til its light out

grind til the sunset, til my grandson set, yup
yeah, man my kids gone have the good life
good days, good nights, and not the wish I could life

strongest survive it, they see he trying to make something outta nothing
they like damn he Macgyver
Damn he go live, but too good to try and let up

and im better than whoever put together


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