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Big Sean lyrics : "Glenwood"

[Kanye West:]
Yeah, Ok.
Ey, Hey yo? Poppin willy %#@!,

Let's see who really rich,
Ya'll ride the beat,
I'm a bout to pop a wheelie (*##$,

Really dis, I came up with on some silly %#@!,
Look how good it is,
I'll show you who you dealin with,

Ya'll illy, I'm Illa, I'm from Illinois,
The big shine, why don't you call yo chi town boys,
Show me where they at,

I will destroy,
I'm bout to $#&@ somethin up,
I might as well call the lawyer,

Good music run this (*##$,
Yes we do,
I know you thinkin "damn I wish Ye would bless me too"

In the booth I use the restroom
It's best you, Go ahead and kiss the jesus piece Cause I just blessed you,
Uhh, And holy water odds against Ye

It's slaughter ever since I opened up that midnight merrauder?
Now it's gon be a problem like a brand new installment from the late great Mr. Christohper Wallace,
They call us pompus,

Can I be honest? Honestly, Modesty wouldn't ever end my policy,
Apology accepted, you ain't say it? Shoulda said it,
As soon as I did, all the Bull%#@! was deaded.

Get it?

[Big Sean:]

Yup, Yup I get it,
Good music (*##$, Ain't nobody $#&@in with it,
And Nah, nah they can't really do it how we did it,

It's good music (*##$, Ain't nobody $#&@in with it,
B.I.G. is, gee wiz, he is sure he would be the man ever since a fetus,
I know us ^!$$%s prayin um down fallin weak %#@!,

But I'm never goin down here,
Even on ski trips,
I am the d,

Come and make an observation
And it seem like the murder rate is higher than the population,
Damn, I bet you just as sweet as you look (*##$,

You are just bushwick, I'm 8 foot 6,
I'm so up up on it like insomniacs,
Good music man Ye where he find me at,

I'm so dominant, I'm so donfident
That I'm a get a compliment on any $#&@in continent from freaks that's fine is %#@! without this designer %#@!,
Big business, respect my conglomerance,

Girls get check, but my bank get check more,
Whenever ^!$$%s check up, I'm who they check for, or have a check for,
Loui V %#@! so much domnier print $#&@ around and play check-ors,

And these rappers get critical damages, But I rap to good it's no need for bandages,
You the man in your city, Cool.
When I'm out performin? right after you,

I'm sorry but you gone be ranked right afta two,
Cause I'm first place,
And second is my crew,

So move, (*##$.

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