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Big Sean lyrics : "Experimental"

[Hook: King Chip]
I'm feeling experimental
Just pop two now what have I gotten into

Trying to cope with all this %#@! I been through
These substances is $#&@ing with my mental, my mental
I'm so experimental

Just pop two now if I got a into
These substances is $#&@ing with my mental, $#&@ing my mental

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Big blunts of that kush (Mhm)
Ducked off in that Phantom (Mhm)

Can't no ^!$$% do life (Mhm)
This life I live outlandish (You know it)
Bunch of hoes in my mansion (Let's get it)

Get trippy of them bars ((*##$)
I don't do no handcuffing, toss em' to my dog (She yours)
Bout' to start a bank, all this money that I make (Cash)

Sour diesel smoking, Memphis ^!$$% getting paid (Cash)
Bunch of bad (*##$es ((*##$es), begging juice to $#&@ (Let's go)
Drinking 'til I throw up, smoking 'til im stuffed! (You know it)

Loud kush, you can hear it when I walk by (We smoking)
The room is moving side to side, I'm feeling hyponotized (We trippy)
Getting faded in the Phantom, ain't no stopping a riot (I'm faded)

These ^!$$%s smoking dirt (#~!!@), actin' like they high


[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Rollin' weed while im sextin' (Sextin')

Rollin' weed while I drive (Swirv)
Rollin' weed while I'm rollin' weed
Getting high when I'm high

I be getting high when I'm high
Getting high when you not
Getting high on the low (low)

Getting high my god! (god)
I just ate a edible, edible
Swear to god I feel incredible

Swear that my texting is no longer legible
I get the #~!!@ you put on the pedestol
Tell her to leave and come bring me back revenue

Getting paid down down down to the decimal
Medical vestibule, I'm so perfessional
My lifes a fesitval, I'm just a mesathro

In the mental, I feel like I just jumped out the window
Rollin' OG Kush, purp and indo
Right here, outdoor, in the endo

Weed is my percindo
Okay, well now we rollin'
She popped her a pilly

Got her feeling all silly
Rollin' paper from Philly


[Verse 3: King Chip]

She asking me questions even though she know I don't know ((*##$)
Her #~!!@ the best and she give the best blowjobs on blow
She love the way that I dress and the way that I stroke

She said she never sipped lean, I said I never did !@%!e
I'm good, I'm smokin', I'm leanin', I'm trying to stay focused
Got my loc's on the chieffin', hope these mollys ain't bogus

We got hoes in the front, got lean in the back
Getting head in the back, got fix in the 'Lac
Got xannies on deck

(*##$, take these shots to the neck, we gots to connect
We off in this club, purple Sprites like it's nothing
(*##$ just told me she ain't coming home with me less we $#&@ing

And she got a friend, and they got some mans
Please don't metion yo ^!$$% because I don't care about yo man
Now me and two hoes we on, let's eat these shrooms 'til they gone

Now we having a threesome in the whip on the way home


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