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Big Sean lyrics : "Don't Wait For Me"

[Lupe Fiasco:]

Alarm clock said i'm too late

And they said i'm too weak I could use a few weights
So they said I took too long and don't look too strong
Well how long would you take?

Waiting's got me here in the first place
Another second, i've been second maybe third in the worst case
Now it's displayed in my wordplays

Moving weight, it's such a trap
Move and wait, you can't do that
I know i'm dope man but I can't move crack

And it's such a fracture when you're thinking 'bout your plans

But I try and bring it back before your brain hit the pan

Sean from Detroit, Lupe from Chicago land
But both of our chains say made in Japan
German engineers designed both of the Sedans

Ride with Mr. right on time, or stay Miss. another chance
Now, redirected at the girls, not an ultimatum just an option in this world
When things come and go, when the clocks never stop

Be on time for nothing, a little late for a lot

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