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Big Sean lyrics : "Come Up Show Freestyle"

[Cosmic Kev]
Come Up Show Cosmic Kev
Big Sean in the building

Yeah I'm in the building man
Oh we 'bout to go in baby
G.O.O.D. Music in the building

Whatchu know about that
Boi boi
Yes no cursing right

Yo do what you can do
Tell me when It's possible man
I do it do it do it[Big Sean]

Man D-Town in here
I say I say oh my God
I can't tell what's a better accessory

My new watch or the chick that's standin' right next to me
Killin' ^!$$%s that rap
But bein' the man is my specialty

I love ishin' on all my exes especially
Oh-oh-oh-oh boi I'm dumb high
Dumb high yeah from the Westside -itch

Slow it down like I got my thumb high
I got 'em on they knees
Like I got my gun high

I'm in my old-school
I feel like the alumni

Car lookin' like it's sittin' on thirty floors
Thirty doors
Thirty !@^%s

Few black (*##$es and Fergie !@^%s
This %#@! look like Jersey Shore
I'm on fire boi loose cannon

My car's Bruce Wayne
I feel like I'm Bruce Banner
I'm ripping clothes off

Car's so big
When I whip that %#@!
Don't stand too close

When I hit them curbs
Muh-$#&@a might rip them toes off
I said B-I-G I'm that important

You spent all day with her spooning
I spent all night with her forking what
Ridin' low puffing on loud

I came way too far to -uck it up now
Texts from my mom say
Me and your Grandma proud

Came way too deep in the game to go sit back in the crowd
Teacher told me
Get a job save up for 401k

I'd rather be young as hell counting 401k
I'ma probably die gettin' some head
I'm just multiplying my money and dividing the legs

But I'm never dividing the bread

(*##$ I better get the debit if I don't get the cred
That I deserve

Yo I say
From the Westside
I look like pocka

Where they pop your block up
A block up
Big Poppa

Flock off
You holy little woahdy holy Kenobi Chewbacca
I'm Balenciaga Erhman Chanel

But I bet you that you won't find it
Rockin' Louie and MCM guess I'm clothes-minded
Obama suite

You one below up in that Joe Biden
I'm in ya city just chillin'
Where all ya -oes hidin'

20k for the fifth because it's 24-karats
I can't lie the price probably go up when I wear it
I'm just D-Town reppin' (KEEP GOING!)
And making all them ^!$$%s who second-guessed it regret it
Regret it like half the -oes I smashed in the sheets

At least now I realize how much I love [Assy?] Marie
When it's all said and done I'll probably give her my name
She put too many games not to have her a ring boi
What keep goin'
Big Sean in the building keep going. Keep going

Yeahh yeah uhh
I don't care keep going
Old raps new raps whatever we do it
Come Up Show Cosmic Kev Big Sean baby
Uhh yeahh yeahh uh uh

I said B-I B-I
(*##$ I do it to death
If I come in with half
Bet I leave with the rest
You might be cool gettin' 50 percent

And I'm like $#&@ you doing
I need Diddy percent
Got a million on line one
And another mill' dialin' in
Mama on line four
Telling me how much not to spend

'Ye on line three
Telling me how we 'bout to win
You on hold trying to get conferenced in
Man I just gotta have it
Imagine it make it happen
I dreamed about it then grabbed it
My life is a $#&@in' movie

The baddest (*##$es get casted
I'm in a race with myself
To see who can get it the fastest huh
Sippin' on sh- older than me
The warmer the weather
The colder the drink[Big Sean speaking to Cosmic Kev]
Alright man look I gave a lot

I-I gave a little preview to the album man
Y'all gotta go get the album
That's just a couple bars
Big Sean in the building oh man

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